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A New Year’s Resolution – Year of the Lint

3…2…1, we finally crossed into 2024…It’s time for a dryer exhaust cleaning! Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Many of our New Year’s resolutions are to have cleaner homes. This means cleaning inside the home, outside and everything in between! We usually think to dust, mop or start on some long overdue project (like

Now that the new year has begun, the freezing cold months loom ahead, and your chimney is in need of a fireplace sweep. Maybe Santa Claus made a mess of soot when he came down the chimney, or there’s a few unnoticed cookie crumbs in the hearth! Humor aside, the daunting days of below 0

Do customer reviews matter when you are evaluating a chimney sweep company? According to a 2021 report by PowerReviews, Yes… over 99% of customers read reviews. It is part of the evaluation process for consumers to want to know what they are buying and who to trust prior to making a decision. But is getting

As the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate, there is a quiet group of individuals that take their job seriously to ensure the utmost care for each home with a fireplace. Yes, it’s the chimney technician. These special people, for some reason, don’t mind the soot and the dust

Installing a chimney smoke guard can be a crucial part of keeping your home safe during the winter. Have you ever been inside an old hut where ancient people used to live? If you have ever traveled Europe, you might’ve run across such huts called Skansen. Inside the Skansen are small fireplaces with handmade fireplaces

This year’s Thanksgiving was filled with family gatherings, comfort food and… drafty fireplaces? There really is nothing quite like gathering around a cozy fireplace, eating food and talking to friends, but this year was a little bit different. A drafty fireplace was in the mix at our Thanksgiving dinner, sending damp and cold air into

Animals are on the hunt for a cozy home for the winter, it’s time to schedule your chimney cap replacement! And no, we don’t mean your Thanksgiving turkey roasting over the fire! The main component of a chimney that often goes overlooked is the chimney cap. The chimney cap plays a vital role in protecting

When it comes to keeping your home safe and sound, regular chimney service inspections are essential. At Superior Chimney, we know chimney maintenance is easy to overlook. Thanksgiving is coming, and people’s schedules are getting busier with the holidays right around the corner. Family get togethers and gifts are at the top of mind! Using

If you own a home with a fireplace or wood burning fireplace, you may have heard of a 14 point fireplace inspection. Have you gone into a friend’s home and smelled something musty or smoky? Maybe you have observed some loose bricks or a chalky white substance on the exterior of the chimney? This can

Have you ever experienced a cozy evening only to be disrupted by an unexpected cold draft in fireplace? It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Fireplaces are meant to provide warmth and pleasure, not chilly gusts of air! Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves facing this very issue. So, why does a cold draft occur in your fireplace,

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