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Help, My Fireplace Stinks!

Fireplace smell is no secret to a chimney professional. Though you may want to hide a smelly living room from friends or neighbors, we are used to it! We hear this complaint about smelly fireplaces all the time. Superior Chimney is called throughout Chicago and the Chicago area to help inspect, clean and repair chimneys, […]

Chasing Out the Fireplace Smell

Chasing Out the Fireplace Smell

Fireplace smell can be an easily fixable problem in the home. Recently, I was at a dinner party with some friends, and upon entering their beautiful home, came an unpleasant smell. It was musty and smelled like a campfire. I remember it being a humid evening in Illinois, (certainly not uncommon), and unfortunately my friends […]

Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

What are those campfire like smells? We all like a good campfire, but to smell it indoors? Not so much. Campfire like smells, damp, rotting, sulfuric smells, and so on, can be an indication something unusual is going on in your chimney. The smell of a wood burning fireplace can be a comfort to many, […]

Winter Humidity Causes Smelly Chimneys

Winter Humidity Causes Smelly Chimneys

Smelly chimneys can occur year round, even in winter. Lately, Illinois has been experiencing some high humidity levels. The quantity of water in the air determines the humidity. The air expands up to four or five times its normal size, which is why it’s sometimes hard to breathe in high humidity. Humid air traps in […]

Letter From a New Customer on Fireplace Smoke

Dear Superior Chimney, I’m concerned about the fireplace smoke that came into my family room. With the cooler temperatures, I was excited to get started with the use of my fireplace. Why was the fireplace smoking? And how can I be sure it doesn’t happen again? Answer: These are great questions that many others can […]

Plenty of Rain, High Humidity, and You’re Wondering Why the Fireplace Smells

Some homeowners might shrug-off the fireplace smells as most households have air conditioning. If you have the air conditioning on, then the fireplace won’t smell…right? Not so fast. First, glass doors are frequently found in front of the fireplace. How does the fresh air get in there? It doesn’t. Also, let’s say you have a […]

Gas & Woodburning Fireplace Smells

It’s that time of year again when humidity is high and so are the smells. Wood burning fireplaces as well as gas fireplaces can produce a musty smell, dusty smell or even a smokey smell. If you usually get a chimney sweep or a fireplace cleaning in the Fall, you may want to reconsider. Working […]

Top 3 Chimney Problems to Watch for in Summer

Chimney problems can occur all year long. Just because it’s summer, and you’re not using the chimney doesn’t mean all is well. On Saturday, we went to some friend’s house for a barbeque. I must say it was wonderful, as everyone brought some great dishes. It’s a single-story home with a very well attended backyard. […]

What’s the Smell? Is it Coming from the Fireplace and Chimney?

This summer has certainly been different. Even with the cool temperatures, one thing is for certain…we’ve received way too much rain. Now add a few high 80-degree days with humidity and it’s a recipe for a smelly house. As a result, we’ve received plenty of phone calls with questions pertaining to the musty smell coming […]

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