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Fireplace Smoke Guards

Fireplace Smoke Guards are also referred to as chimney smoke guards, combustion chamber opening decreasers, or chimney smoke protectors.  Fireplace smoke guards prevent a wide variety of chimney smoke problems including fireplace smoke roll out / backup and staining above your fireplace firebox.  These usually occur as a result of improper original construction and/or reconstruction.

fireplace smoke guardsAdvantages Of Fireplace Smoke Guards:

  • Enjoy safe fires without fireplace smoke & carbon monoxide back up.
  • Fireplace smoke guards eliminate chimney smoke stains above your firebox.
  • Correct the improper ratio creating positive strength in draft.
  • Fireplace smoke guards contain all combustible exhaust within the designated firewalls.

Fireplace Smoke Roll Out & Fireplace Smoke Guards – Fireplace smoke should never, under any circumstances, come out of the designated areas of combustion and cause chimney smoke problems.  For example:  If you see or smell fireplace smoke back up 1 out of 20 fires burned, it is likely that you have constant internal chimney smoke problems that you’re only seeing 1 out of 20 times.  These particular type of chimney smoke problems can lead to many other hazardous situations within your chimney system.  Fireplace smoke guards may be a simple solution.

Staining Above Your Fireplace – Chimney smoke problems can leave black staining above your firebox which is difficult to remove (sometimes impossible) and very unsightly.  Fireplace smoke damage to carpeting, furniture & wall discoloration are just some of other concerns.  Fireplace smoke guards do more than help to contain smoke… Most important is realizing that fireplace smoke back up contains carbon monoxide!

Improper Original Construction and/or Reconstruction – There are many complex & specific spec requirements of chimney construction.  They are required to allow for enjoyable, safe, fireplace smoke-free burning experiences.  The basic rule of thumb here is that the area of your fireplace opening can be no more than 10 times the area of the chimney liner (12 times for round flues).  An undersized chimney liner simply can’t handle the volume of fireplace smoke produced, and some of it will spill back into the room. Fireplace smoke guards can bring ratios back in balance.

Superior Chimney can find out if your fireplace smoke back up is from an improper firebox opening to flue diameter & height ratio.  Since there is usually no practical way to make the chimneys liner size larger, the solution may be to make your firebox opening smaller with a fireplace smoke guard system, install an exhausto fan, or one of Superior Chimney’s masonry crews can resize your firebox.

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