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Chimney Tuckpointing – Rebuilds

Chimney tuckpointing is a necessary maintenance in effort to prevent needing a chimney rebuild.  Also referred to as chimney reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, fireplace chimney repairs, chimney tuck pointing, etc.  Masonry cracking, water leaking, element exposure, usage, time, and lack of preventative maintenance render your chimney structurally vulnerable, inviting the need for chimney tuckpointing, and/or requiring a chimney rebuild. Neglect of the need for chimney tuckpointing will inevitably result in having to restore the chimney with a chimney rebuild and a waterproofing protection plan.chimney tuckpointing - waterproofing

As odd as it may seem, chimney leaks cause more damage to masonry chimneys than fire. (Chimney leaks cause costly fireplace chimney tuckpointing needs – Waterproofing saves you money!)

All the brick and other materials that make up your home are protected by the roof and eave, all that is, except your chimney. The chimney sticks up above the roof constantly exposed to all the elements; rain, snow, wind, freeze & thaw cycles of winter, etc. Masonry materials and the chimney tuckpointing deteriorate very quickly when they absorb moisture and are exposed to the freeze & thaw cycles of winter, causing undue stress; integrity loss, and the need for a chimney rebuild.

Chimney leaks & water penetration cause interior and exterior damage to your home and masonry chimney. Water inside your chimney causes rust in steel and cast iron, weakening or destroying the metal parts, and compromising fire worthiness – all creating chimney tuckpointing or chimney rebuild needs.

Chimney rebuilds are necessary if compromised mortar joint depths exceed the restoration abilities of chimney tuckpointing.  Proper chimney rebuilds include set up (scaffolding in most cases), tear down & disposal, and code reconstruction of your existing chimney.Brick Masonry Chimney Rebuilds

These classifications are the most common of a required chimney rebuild:

  • Partial Chimney Rebuilds:  Small chimneys (no scaffolding) or only the top few courses of a large chimney (+ new crown).  Commonly, a bit of chimney tuckpointing beneath the point of chimney rebuild.
  • Flashing-Area Up Chimney Rebuilds: Substantial mortar and/or brick deterioration has eliminated the possibility of a chimney tuckpointing restoration. The structure is torn down to the flashing area near the roof-line, and then the chimney rebuild commences (+ new crown).  Sometimes, a bit of chimney tuckpointing beneath the point of chimney rebuilds, as well (outside chimneys).
  • Total Chimney Rebuilds:  Complete tear down of the outer layer of the brick on a chimney (+ new crown). In most cases the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber do not have to be removed (brick chimney repairs may be sufficient). Total chimney rebuilds are necessary when the chimney is leaning, has severe mortar deterioration or severe brick spalling has occurred from ground level up, etc.

A chimney crown provides protection for the brick masonry construction beneath it by keeping rain water, and such, out – This helps to prevent the need for chimney tuckpointing & chimney rebuilds. It is the top element (cement slab) of masonry chimney rebuilds. It protects the top of the chimney, starting at the fire clay flue liner & hangs over the chimneys edge (drip edge). Most masonry chimneys that have “crowns” are built inadequately. These “crowns” are constructed from common mortar mix, the same mixture used to lay the bricks of the chimney. This mortar is not designed for and will not withstand years of weather abuse without cracking, chipping or deteriorating; situations that allow water to penetrate the chimney and cause the need for chimney tuckpointing & chimney rebuilds.

* Repeated and/or improper chimney tuckpointing, and an improper chimney rebuild are of the largest causes of needing a chimney rebuild.


Superior Chimney can apply chimney saver, which has been developed specifically for use as a waterproofing agent on masonry chimneys to aid in preservation of integrity, preventing chimney tuckpointing needs. This formula is vapor permeable, which means that it allows your masonry chimney to breathe out, but not in. Thus, water that has penetrated your masonry chimney, or moisture that has originated from inside, is allowed to escape, while the waterproofing agent prevents water entry from the outside. Read more about masonry Chimney Saver & how it can prevent chimney tuckpointing needs & chimney rebuilds.

Note: Paint, or any non-vapor permeable water sealer, should never be used as a masonry waterproofing agent because it will trap moisture/vapors inside your chimney, accelerating deterioration and cause chimney tuckpointing needs.

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