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Waterproofing Chimney Saver

Waterproofing chimney saver is also referred to as chimney sealers, chimney sealants, chimney waterproofing, water repellents, etc.  Your chimney is highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, is highly susceptible to structural deterioration and the need for brick chimney repairs. It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs.  Superior Chimney can apply waterproofing chimney saver to your masonry, which prevents water penetration & absorption. It is a 100% vapor permeable masonry waterproofing agent that prevents & retards brick “flaking”, and the need for brick chimney repairs.

waterproofing chimney saver - Superior chimneyAdvantages Of Masonry Waterproofing Chimney Saver:

  • Minimizes/eliminates/retards brick masonry deterioration.
  • Prevents water penetration & absorption from saturating brick masonry.
  • Preserves & maintains existing & restored brick masonry.
  • Waterproofing chimney saver eliminates future brick chimney repair costs.

The Elements – All the brick and other materials that make up your home are protected by the roof & eave, all that is, except your chimney. The chimney sticks up above the roof constantly exposed to all the elements; rain, snow, and the freeze & thaw cycles of winter – all the while needing a masonry waterproofing chimney saver application.

Unprotected – Most chimneys are constructed of porous masonry and metal materials including firebrick, high temperature mortar, fire clay tile, steel, and cast iron.  Masonry materials are very porous and absorb large amounts of water causing brick chimney repair needs.  Common brick is like a sponge, absorbing water and wicking moisture to the chimney interior.  All of these materials will suffer accelerated deterioration as a result of water penetration & absorption without a masonry waterproofing chimney saver application.

Structural Deterioration – Water damage to your masonry chimney is sometimes a slow subtle process. The problem is often not evident until it has become quite serious. Preventative maintenance (masonry waterproofing) before serious damage occurs is cost effective. Brick chimney repair is not a cost any one wants to endure!

waterproofing chimney saver - freeze thaw damage Prevents Water Penetration & Absorption – Waterproofing chimney saver has been developed specifically for use as a masonry waterproofing agent for chimneys, which retards water damage and prevents the need for brick chimney repairs.  This masonry waterproofing agent has been formulated to be vapor permeable, which means that it allows your chimney to breathe out, but not in.  Thus, water that has penetrated your chimney, or moisture that has originated from inside, is allowed to escape, while the masonry waterproofing chimney saver agent prevents water from entering from the outside, which causes the need for brick chimney repairs.

* Masonry waterproofing chimney saver will save you the major expense of brick chimney repairs or rebuilding of the entire chimney in the not too distant future, and as such represents a wise investment in your home.

Note: Paint, or any non-vapor permeable water sealer, should never be used as a masonry waterproofing agent because it will trap moisture inside your chimney, accelerate deterioration & cause brick chimney repairs.

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