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Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

What are those campfire like smells? We all like a good campfire, but to smell it indoors? Not so much. Campfire like smells, damp, rotting, sulfuric smells, and so on, can be an indication something unusual is going on in your chimney. The smell of a wood burning fireplace can be a comfort to many, but if you’re smelling something out of the ordinary like campfire like smells inside your home, it’s time to call a Superior Chimney Professional. These smells are a sign that something is wrong, such as an animal nesting in your chimney or chemical buildup. So, how do you know what you’re smelling, and how can you fix it?

What’s the difference between a healthy and unhealthy campfire like smell? It’s not unusual for a fireplace to have some sort of smoky smell coming from it. But if you are noticing an intense smell coming from the fireplace, possibly accompanied with some smoke inside your house, your chimney could be partially blocked. This dangerous smoke could contain toxic carbon monoxide.

Here are some other types of smells you can experience coming from your chimney:

1. Moldy or Musty Smell: These smells may not be noticed when the chimney is lit, but when there is a negative pressure problem. This is when the air comes down your chimney instead of going out. The odor often comes along with it. This is caused by a replacement of windows, roofing ventilation or inefficient damper closures. A musty smell is a cause for concern, you have to get it inspected/cleaned by a chimney professional. It’s likely mold that has formed in the chimney, the odors from mold are not healthy to breathe in.

2. Fuel, or Sulfur: If you have a gas fireplace, fuel smells can be common. If the fuel odor does not go away, it could be a problem with blockages in your chimney. The smell of sulfur can indicate a problem with the gas line. It’s important to take precaution and turn off all gas lines.

3. Charcoal: This is the smell of creosote and soot, natural residue buildups of combustion. If there is a very strong charcoal smell in your home, you must call a chimney professional as soon as possible. This buildup is flammable and can cause a chimney fire.

4. Animal Droppings or a Rotting Odor: Animals often nest inside chimneys. It’s a safe and warm place to be during the night. If you smell animal droppings or a rotting odor, there’s likely an animal that lives or used to live in the chimney. These odors are distinctive and hard to miss. The animal nests can easily catch fire, so it’s important to remove the debris as soon as possible.

Clear Out the Odors! Can you identify any of the above odors coming from your chimney? It’s important to act as soon as possible. These odors can be dangerous. A certified chimney professional from Superior Chimney can help identify and help to clear up the odors. Don’t forget, it’s important to keep your chimney clean and in good condition by having it inspected once a year by a professional. Call Superior Chimney today at 877-244-6349 to set up a chimney inspection.

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