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Help, My Fireplace Stinks!

Fireplace smell is no secret to a chimney professional. Though you may want to hide a smelly living room from friends or neighbors, we are used to it! We hear this complaint about smelly fireplaces all the time. Superior Chimney is called throughout Chicago and the Chicago area to help inspect, clean and repair chimneys, […]

Chasing Out the Fireplace Smell

Chasing Out the Fireplace Smell

Fireplace smell can be an easily fixable problem in the home. Recently, I was at a dinner party with some friends, and upon entering their beautiful home, came an unpleasant smell. It was musty and smelled like a campfire. I remember it being a humid evening in Illinois, (certainly not uncommon), and unfortunately my friends […]

Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

What are those campfire like smells? We all like a good campfire, but to smell it indoors? Not so much. Campfire like smells, damp, rotting, sulfuric smells, and so on, can be an indication something unusual is going on in your chimney. The smell of a wood burning fireplace can be a comfort to many, […]

Winter Humidity Causes Smelly Chimneys

Winter Humidity Causes Smelly Chimneys

Smelly chimneys can occur year round, even in winter. Lately, Illinois has been experiencing some high humidity levels. The quantity of water in the air determines the humidity. The air expands up to four or five times its normal size, which is why it’s sometimes hard to breathe in high humidity. Humid air traps in […]

Avoid Spring and Summer Chimney Smells

We love our fireplaces. The warmth of the fireplace during the Fall, Winter and into part of Spring is nice and cozy. However, when the temperatures begin to rise, we’re ready to open the windows and enjoy the warmth of the outdoors. However, we get so excited that sometimes we forget to clean up the […]

The Best Of…

Did you even wonder which chimney articles were fan favorites? Okay, I was wondering what everyone thought. I reviewed articles from the past few years and here’s the most popular. Everyone loves a bit of humor. We had plenty of those. Take a look at the Top 7. The One that Got Away…with Encouragement Plenty […]

Aftermath of a Wind and Rain Storm on a Chimney

The wind and rain storm was a short burst, but it left quite a mess in its path. At first glance, tree branches were everywhere. The entire front and back yards, including the sidewalk and driveway were littered with tree branches and leaves of all sizes. The next day, I decided to go for a […]

Top 3 Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney & Fireplace in July

This week is going to be hot and dry. Two perfect reasons to not think about your fireplace and chimney. Since there is low humidity, the smells coming from the fireplace will be minimal…of course until later this week when humidity levels rise again. It’s been dry, and again a low chance for rain this […]

Gas & Woodburning Fireplace Smells

It’s that time of year again when humidity is high and so are the smells. Wood burning fireplaces as well as gas fireplaces can produce a musty smell, dusty smell or even a smokey smell. If you usually get a chimney sweep or a fireplace cleaning in the Fall, you may want to reconsider. Working […]

If the Musty Smell Isn’t Socks…What Is It?

Fall is a great time to watch college football. We get together with friends, whom all went to different schools, taking turns hosting. Happily, it was not our turn. We all settled into our favorite watching spots. One person is a pacer, one sits VERY close to the flat screen, a couple on the floor, […]

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