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Avoid Spring and Summer Chimney Smells

Avoid Spring and Summer Chimney Smells

We love our fireplaces. The warmth of the fireplace during the Fall, Winter and into part of Spring is nice and cozy. However, when the temperatures begin to rise, we’re ready to open the windows and enjoy the warmth of the outdoors. However, we get so excited that sometimes we forget to clean up the fireplace and chimney.

Chimney Smells and Fireplace Smells

We need to say both chimney smells and fireplace smells because some homeowners think they are two separate issues. But they are the same. The smells are coming from both.

As Spring continues to slowly make its way, we get our Spring storms. When they start, now we’re worried about backyard flooding and seepage and water in the basement. You think the fireplace will be top of mind? Nope. But what will happen is unpleasant.

Creosote & Debris

For wood burning fireplaces, you know creosote build up occurs. It’s natural and expected. However, that needs to be cleaned and removed as it is highly flammable. That’s especially important in the Fall before you turn on the fireplace. However, creosote is also very stinky. Mix in humidity (which we get plenty of) with creosote and now you have a foul smell. That’s why it’s best to get the fireplace cleaned in the Spring.

Now, let’s also remember that debris and dust makes its way down and settles in the chimney too. So we think, no big deal, it’s just a little dust and small leaf particles right? Well, you can do a little experiment. Mix some dry dirt, a few leaves with water. Let it sit. Be sure to periodically water it. What happens? Yup, it begins to develop an odor. So, is it good to let the chimney build up with debris? No, it’s best to clean that out before you need to turn on the air conditioner. The air conditioning system and fans are a great way to spread the smell. If you don’t want to wake up smelling decomposing debris and creosote, then let’s avoid it by getting a chimney inspection done now.

What if You Don’t Use Your Fireplace?

Even after all these years, we still get the same comment, “we don’t use our fireplace.” The fireplace continues to be more than a luxury item in your home. It’s an integral part of your house’s ventilation system. When you are not using your fireplace, your natural gas heating appliances are regularly using it. This is why it’s important to keep the fireplace and chimney in good working order.

Certified Chimney Sweep Now that you have the facts, it’s time to understand the importance of a certified technician performing the chimney sweep. A certified chimney technician receives initial training, on the road training with another experienced certified technician and on-going training for the duration of their career. They are working with critical elements in your home and need to be fully trained. So you know, all technicians at Superior Chimney are certified with the CSIA Chimney Safety Institute of America. Contact us at 877-244-6349.

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