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Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

Chimney Odors: An Unhealthy Campfire Like Smell

What are those campfire like smells? We all like a good campfire, but to smell it indoors? Not so much. Campfire like smells, damp, rotting, sulfuric smells, and so on, can be an indication something unusual is going on in your chimney. The smell of a wood burning fireplace can be a comfort to many, […]

Avoid Spring and Summer Chimney Smells

We love our fireplaces. The warmth of the fireplace during the Fall, Winter and into part of Spring is nice and cozy. However, when the temperatures begin to rise, we’re ready to open the windows and enjoy the warmth of the outdoors. However, we get so excited that sometimes we forget to clean up the […]

Top 3 Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney & Fireplace in July

This week is going to be hot and dry. Two perfect reasons to not think about your fireplace and chimney. Since there is low humidity, the smells coming from the fireplace will be minimal…of course until later this week when humidity levels rise again. It’s been dry, and again a low chance for rain this […]

A Fireplace as a Source of Comfort

As many are working from home and dealing with kids and pets running around, homeowners have shared with us how the fireplace has brought comfort and a smile to their home. “Since our days remain chilly, I use the fireplace as a way to get the kids to sit in one place. They enjoy doing […]

A Special Q & A on Gas Fireplaces in Hot or Warm Weather

Gas fireplaces are many times found in homes, condos and townhomes. There’s a common misunderstanding with gas fireplaces…maintenance. All gas fireplaces need to be maintained, even if you don’t use your gas fireplace. Q:  The gas fireplace has only been used a couple of times in the past few years. Can I just use it? A: […]

Happy Father’s Day – Thanks for All the Ugly Things You Do

As we begin the celebration of Dad this weekend, let’s be thankful for all the ugly things he does that the rest of us don’t have to do. Here are some fan favorites: Get rid of bugs Cut the grass Picked up the kid(s) who fell off the bike, then fix the bike Put up […]

Summer Rain, High Humidity & the Smell of the Fireplace

This week was glorious! The kids are back in school and life can resemble normalcy again. To get school started, parents get to visit the teachers. As I do every year, I park my car in a friend’s driveway and we walk together across the street to parent’s night. Afterwards, we head back to her […]

The One That Got Away…with encouragement.

A call came in requesting an appointment, needing one sooner than later. The customer on the phone said there was an odor coming into the home and thinks it’s from the chimney. The service technicians set up the ladder and made their way to the chimney noticing a chimney cap was missing. Many times when […]

Dryer Vent. I Never Really Think About It.

I’ve lived in the same house for the past 12 years, raising a couple of kids and washed just about 4,000 loads of laundry. That’s only in this house. I never thought about the dryer vent. I always cleaned the lint trap after every load of wash…another 4,000 cleans. A few months ago, I was […]

Spring Cleaning: Remember to Include the Chimney

The month of April has been an active month for fireplaces and chimneys. With the continuous bouts of rain, sleet and snow, chimneys have extended their usefulness! This past weekend, family came to town to visit. Even with all of the warm bodies and lots of talking, the chill in the air made everyone strongly […]

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