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Top 3 Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney & Fireplace in July

This week is going to be hot and dry. Two perfect reasons to not think about your fireplace and chimney. Since there is low humidity, the smells coming from the fireplace will be minimal…of course until later this week when humidity levels rise again. It’s been dry, and again a low chance for rain this week, you won’t find a water leak. It’s a perfect fireplace and chimney week.

This past holiday weekend was fairly similar to past years. I play it more low key, enjoying the night air while sitting outside with a couple friends and neighbors. They were wondering why I was more relaxed than usual. I explained just what I said above. What I wasn’t expecting was their response.

“What do you mean?” said my neighbor from across the street. “That’s exactly why I should get my fireplace and chimney swept now.” I didn’t really think of that.

Getting the Fireplace Swept & Checked Now, Means Beating the Fall Rush

Every year in September, we get a cool day, enough to create a little chill. That chill prompts fireplace users, both gas and woodburning, to get their fireplace swept. However, that same chill reminds everyone else to get their fireplace sweep done too. By getting a jump on it now, you’ll be ready to use it way ahead of everyone else.

Work from Home – You’ll Use It More Use

If you’ve been told that you’ll be working from home through the end of the year, (or?) there’s a good chance you’ll be starting up the fireplace more often, and maybe even sooner than what you would normally do. If you work near the fireplace and everyone else will be gone to school or possibly work, then there’s no reason to heat up the entire house. Just heating up the room you’re in will be cozy and affordable. Another great reason to get the fireplace swept and checked…now.

Rid of Any Smells or Smells that have been Building

Fireplaces are a source of ‘interesting’ smells. By the end of the week when humidity strikes, you may smell rotting eggs, musty smell or like something died. That’s from your fireplace. By sweeping it now, this may minimize the smells or help rid the home of foul smells entering the home.

So now’s your chance to get a jump on Fall with sweeping your fireplace and chimney. Contact us at 877-244-6349

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