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Does Your Living Room Look Like a Pizza Oven?

How would you know if your chimney smoke guard is working properly? A faulty chimney smoke guard is surprisingly obvious. Have you been to a pizza restaurant recently? The best pizza restaurants have wood burning ovens, all with a chimney attached. Sometimes, the inside of the restaurant looks cloudy and smokey, and smells like burning […]

A Quick 4 Step Guide on the Chimney Sweep Non-User

A Quick 4 Step Guide on the Chimney Sweep Non-User

Some people rarely use their chimneys and are in need of a chimney sweep non-user. Maybe they don’t know how to use it or prefer it to be more of an interior ornamental design than a functional part of the home. Many of us have seen the inside of someone’s house and observed some dead […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

It is now spring in Chicagoland, which means it’s the perfect time to call Superior Chimney for your spring chimney cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to clean your home from top to bottom. Many choose to do it in correlation with the changing weather. After staying home all winter, it feels refreshing to go […]

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

A certified chimney inspection in Illinois is one of the key ‘to-do’s’ for the holidays. The last thing you need are a bunch of complaints because it’s too cold. There’s a cold draft coming from the fireplace. Or the fire is nice and warm, but the kids playing are starting to cough because there’s a […]

Should I Schedule a Chimney Inspection Now?

It is true that the most popular times to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection is either in the Fall or in the Spring, after a long cold winter. However, this winter has been extra special. According the NBC Chicago, from October through January 26, we only received 8.6” of snow. As we all enjoyed […]

Do I Really Need to Clean the Chimney…Again?

The air conditioner cover is on, the furnace filter has been changed…now what am I forgetting? Ah, that’s right. Get the chimney sweep done. Do I really need to sweep the chimney this year? I use a gas fireplace. I don’t need to get it swept…right? Gas fireplaces are a great convenience as they can […]

Top 3 Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney & Fireplace in July

This week is going to be hot and dry. Two perfect reasons to not think about your fireplace and chimney. Since there is low humidity, the smells coming from the fireplace will be minimal…of course until later this week when humidity levels rise again. It’s been dry, and again a low chance for rain this […]

Getting to Know Some of Your Service Technicians at Superior Chimney

This past week, I went out just about every day with a couple of our crews on service calls. The purpose was to shoot some videos in order to bring to you a bit of “what you can expect” from Superior Chimney. Over the next few months, you will get the chance to watch a […]

Happy Father’s Day – Thanks for All the Ugly Things You Do

As we begin the celebration of Dad this weekend, let’s be thankful for all the ugly things he does that the rest of us don’t have to do. Here are some fan favorites: Get rid of bugs Cut the grass Picked up the kid(s) who fell off the bike, then fix the bike Put up […]

The Affects of a Deep Freeze on Your Chimney

Chimney’s are taking a beating with the deep freeze, especially those chimney’s that haven’t been cleaned or inspected. Sitting in the Starbuck’s I overheard (you do it too), a couple of unfortunate situations. In one of the stories, a family room caught on fire because of a missing chimney brick. Fortunately, they were home and were […]

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