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Should I Schedule a Chimney Inspection Now?

Should I Schedule a Chimney Inspection Now? by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

It is true that the most popular times to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection is either in the Fall or in the Spring, after a long cold winter. However, this winter has been extra special.

According the NBC Chicago, from October through January 26, we only received 8.6” of snow. As we all enjoyed normal temperatures and less snow, that would all change quickly. In the past 22 days, we’ve seen 36.2 inches of snow. Clearly evident as we’re now shoveling and throwing snow way over our heads. Now add on the polar vortex of days of single digit frigid temperatures, and clearly it has wreaked havoc on just about…everything.

As you read in our last post, the freeze-thaw cycle and water leaks can cause plenty of damage to the exterior chimney, fireplace and the inside of your home. As we’ve had some serious weather conditions, getting a chimney inspection may not be such a bad idea.

A chimney inspection will alert you to any physical problems found in the firebox, flue, creosote build up or the possibility of blockages. In addition, a chimney inspection can also identify any leaks, cracks or if the chimney is unstable in any way. We take the inspection further with a full 14-point inspection.

Let’s take a closer look at the chimney inspection.

The Integrity of the Chimney

The technician begins by visually inspecting the chimney. The technician will take note of any possible areas for concern. The next test of integrity comes during the chimney sweep itself. As the technician uses their rods and brushes to clean the fireplace and chimney system, the technician will be monitoring what falls down.

The technician is looking for pieces of clay tiles, the clay tile joints or any part of the bricks. This is a sure sign that issues have developed in the chimney flue, or the exterior chimney.

Cleaning of the Fireplace

Every woodburning fireplace lover knows that the fireplace will build up on creosote. It’s only natural as creosote is a byproduct of burning wood. But is it necessary to clean a gas or unused fireplace? Absolutely yes. In addition to cleaning the fireplace, our certified technicians are also inspecting the flue liner, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper and the firebox. You may say, “Eh, I used it so little, those things are probably fine.” Well, not so fast. Our Chicago weather does a great job of encouraging problems to have. The inspection and cleaning will help identify deterioration, cracks, leaks and more all caused by weather…even when you don’t use the fireplace.


It is true that snow has been one of our main obstructions, especially if you have a low chimney. With high snow, our little animal friends need to go to higher ground to get out of the snow too…and the freezing temperatures. Your chimney looks pretty good. I bet a nice comfy nest would make our critter friends very happy right now. As much as we enjoy our critter friends, we certainly don’t want to see them hurt. That’s why it’s important for us to check for any obstructions.

Obstructions can be more than just critters. It can also be left over leaves, debris droppings from the trees, or anything else that may blow up to the top of the home especially when our winds kick in.

14-Point Inspection with Photo Documentation

The Superior Chimney certified technicians can see what’s going on, we want you to know as well. Along with written documentation with our 14-point inspection, you’ll also get to ‘see’ for yourself what’s going on. That’s why we email you all the photos. Now you have all the information you need to make a good decision for any current or future repairs. You know what it looks like today.

With our crazy winter weather, it certainly would be a good idea to get your chimney and fireplace clean and inspected today. Take care of your chimney, so the warmth of the fireplace can take care of you.

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