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The Best of…Superior Chimney Articles

Did you even wonder which chimney articles were fan favorites? Okay, I was wondering what everyone thought. I reviewed articles from the past few years and here’s the most popular. Everyone loves a bit of humor. We had plenty of those. Take a look at the Top 7.

  1. The One that Got Away…with Encouragement Plenty of chuckles on this article. How often can you get a picture of a critter in mid-flight?

2. Crates as a Chimney Cap? Love the creativity of homeowners.

3. Have You Ever Experienced Rain in 4D?

4. The Simple Science of Lint Balls & the Dryer Vent Our technician has been a real trouper as we reused this lovely picture of him a couple of times.

5. Chimney Sweep for the Non-Chimney User

6. If the Musty Smell Isn’t Socks…What Is It?

7. A Chimney Holiday – For and From the Kids – The Holiday Favorite.

Now that we’ve all enjoyed a good laugh, keep us in mind when you need a chimney sweep, water leak repair or the dryer vent cleaned.

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