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If the Musty Smell Isn’t Socks…What Is It?

If the Musty Smell Isn’t Socks…What Is It?

Fall is a great time to watch college football. We get together with friends, whom all went to different schools, taking turns hosting. Happily, it was not our turn. We all settled into our favorite watching spots. One person is a pacer, one sits VERY close to the flat screen, a couple on the floor, and a couple sit in different locations after getting up several times.

As I sat on the floor, I noticed a musty smell. There are plenty of stocking feet around, so I thought that was the source. As one of the other watchers made their way to various locations to sit, I noticed him looking at his hand a couple of times and finally moved. He was sitting on the ledge of the fireplace.

Of course, I had to go investigate. I sat down and placed my hand on the bricks right outside of the fireplace and the opening next to the fireplace. It was a bit damp. I placed my hand on the concrete in the opening next to the fireplace, and it was definitely moist, where I can see moisture on my hand.

Quietly, I opened the fireplace doors and saw where the water was dripping down the back of the fireplace. Clearly, it was a leak in the chimney. Chimneys’ are a complex structure and it takes a certified technician to find the source or sources of the leak. There are lots of different components to a chimney.

What are common causes of water leaks? Here are the top 4 most common areas.

  1. Chimney isn’t capped or the chimney cap is damaged
  2. Chimney crown is cracked
  3. Chimney flashing
  4. Mortar is cracked, missing, damaged

Since the game wasn’t going my way. I decided to leak the news so they can get their chimney inspected by Superior Chimney. I’m happy to report that 2 chimney leaks were found and repaired by a Superior Chimney certified technician. Call Superior Chimney for water leaks at 877-244-6349.

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