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What to Do When You Haven’t Used the Fireplace in a Long Time

What to Do When You Haven’t Used the Fireplace in a Long Time

If you moved into a new home or decided to try the fireplace that you haven’t used in a few years, it’s best to have it inspected and cleaned. You shrug your shoulders, and tilt your head wondering, “why?”

Chimney Serves as a Ventilation System

To begin, your fireplace / chimney is an integral part of your home. The fireplace and chimney serve a purpose: ventilation. When you say, “I understand that, but I’m not using it, so it’s not circulating air in my home.” Even if you are not using your fireplace and chimney, your natural gas appliances are.

Furnaces, for instance, rely on your chimney for a breath of fresh air. It takes by-products like carbon monoxide and carries it to the outside. If you don’t inspect your chimney every year, you won’t know if there’s a problem starting and to what extent the issue has evolved.

Pets You Didn’t Know You Had

Birds, squirrels, raccoons are just some of the guests that frequent chimneys in search of shelter. They are going to build a nice comfortable nest in the chimney made from dirt, leaves, twigs and other flammable debris. Animals will also leave other ‘droppings’ behind that can create an unpleasant odor in the chimney and fireplace.

Musty, Unpleasant Smells in an Unused Fireplace

The musty smell coming from the fireplace can be a sign of a moisture problem in the chimney. If it smells like something has passed on, it probably has. It would be best to refrain from starting a fire or turning on the gas fireplace to “burn off” any debris or scare away any unwanted guests.

Fireplace has Never Been Used

Even if your fireplace has never been used, it still needs to be inspected. Past home owners, the environment and critter guests were/are still active even if your fireplace is not. The freeze thaw cycles of winter take their toll on your chimney the same as our streets which need regular upkeep and attention.

What’s Included in an Inspection?

Superior Chimney performs a 14-point written certified inspection. We’ve talked about it a few times, but it’s always worth mentioning as it’s a great way to know what a certified technician does. The part that our customers enjoy are the photos. You get to see what is happening up top, within the chimney, and the overall condition it’s in. The pictures of the chimney will tell you everything and serve as a basis for our conversation. Once our work is complete, you’ll receive your photos via email for your reference.

Let’s start the Fall season with a clean bill of health. Contact Superior Chimney today for a 14-point inspection by a certified technician. You’ll begin the Fall season burning bright…safely.

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