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Before You Roast the Thanksgiving Turkey…

Before You Roast the Thanksgiving Turkey…

When it comes to keeping your home safe and sound, regular chimney service inspections are essential. At Superior Chimney, we know chimney maintenance is easy to overlook. Thanksgiving is coming, and people’s schedules are getting busier with the holidays right around the corner. Family get togethers and gifts are at the top of mind! Using […]

Do I Need to Clean a Gas Fireplace?

Is it necessary to clean gas fireplace in Illinois? It’s intuitive that the dark black buildup of combustion needs to be cleaned from a typical wood burning fireplace, but is it needed to clean a gas fireplace? It’s gas…right? Gas fireplaces do not have a visible buildup of combustion, but should be cleaned at least […]

A Quick 4 Step Guide on the Chimney Sweep Non-User

A Quick 4 Step Guide on the Chimney Sweep Non-User

Some people rarely use their chimneys and are in need of a chimney sweep non-user. Maybe they don’t know how to use it or prefer it to be more of an interior ornamental design than a functional part of the home. Many of us have seen the inside of someone’s house and observed some dead […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

It is now spring in Chicagoland, which means it’s the perfect time to call Superior Chimney for your spring chimney cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to clean your home from top to bottom. Many choose to do it in correlation with the changing weather. After staying home all winter, it feels refreshing to go […]

The Chimney Pot is Not What You Think…

The Chimney Pot is Not What You Think

A chimney pot has become popular in recent years. They provide a decorative top to the chimney finishing the look and feel of a detailed house. Most times, chimneys are finished with a metal tube that can keep out water, debris, snow, animals and other items that can easily make its way into the home. […]

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

A certified chimney inspection in Illinois is one of the key ‘to-do’s’ for the holidays. The last thing you need are a bunch of complaints because it’s too cold. There’s a cold draft coming from the fireplace. Or the fire is nice and warm, but the kids playing are starting to cough because there’s a […]

Chimney Efficiency Top 4 Tips for the Cooler Season

Chimney efficiency, in Illinois, is critical to keeping the house warm…after the fire has gone away. Many have asked why the room gets so cold after a warm cozy fire. Sure, part may be that you enjoy sitting close to the fireplace and you have the warmth of the fire surrounding you, and when it’s […]

Why Venting Unused Chimneys is Important

Unused chimneys are a common occurrence. I know, it is a surprise that there are homeowners who do not use their fireplace. However, even those unused chimneys still have a couple of purposes in your home. What are they? Let’s take a closer look. What are Unused Chimneys? A homeowner would describe an unused chimney […]

Mixed Weather Brings on the Chimney Freeze Thaw Cycle

Have you heard about the chimney freeze thaw cycle? Many homeowners have; however, we still get plenty of confused looks. If your chimney is made from bricks, which most of them are, then this article is a must read. What is the Chimney Freeze Thaw Cycle? According to the CSIA, the chimney freeze thaw cycle […]

Getting the Fireplace Cleaned After the Long, Cold Winter Weather

Spring is here and it’s trying really hard to bring in the warm weather. As the temperatures steadily climb, it’s a perfect time to think about sweeping the chimney and fireplace. Most people have the tendency to push it off until the Fall, right before fireplace season begins again. But there are good reasons for […]

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