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Efflorescence on Your Stone or Brick Chimney

Efflorescence on Your Stone or Brick Chimney

Efflorescence is a white powder that shows up on the bricks or stone chimney when moisture moves through and out of the masonry. As the moisture makes it way through the brick and mortar, it brings minerals to the surface which turns into a white powdery substance. The efflorescence, or white powdery mix does not cause any harm to the chimney, but it’s more of a clue or warning sign that something more may be going on.

So, What’s Happening?

When you see a build up of efflorescence on the chimney bricks or stone, more than a small amount, here’s what Superior Chimney’s certified technicians will be looking for:

  1. Rain absorbing into the brick
  2. Condensation forming on the inside of the chimney from the warm, moist air from the home
  3. Cracks in the chimney liner which allows a path for the furnace and water heater gases to leak

If you see any signs of efflorescence on your stone or brick chimney, get it checked out. The longer it’s allowed to deteriorate, the bigger the issue. When everything is back in great shape, be sure to get the Chimney Saver installed. This will help prevent moisture from absorbing into the bricks and mortar of your chimney. With Fall rapidly approaching, get your chimney inspected so you can have a safe and warm rest of the year.

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