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Protecting The Chimney Flue

Protecting The Chimney Flue

Animals are on the hunt for a cozy home for the winter, it’s time to schedule your chimney cap replacement! And no, we don’t mean your Thanksgiving turkey roasting over the fire! The main component of a chimney that often goes overlooked is the chimney cap. The chimney cap plays a vital role in protecting […]

Are You Moving or Buying a New Home? Then You Better Check the Chimney Liner.

The chimney liner is a vital part of the infrastructure of the home. In many municipalities in Illinois, it is required that a chimney liner be installed and in good working order to sell your home. So, before you go anywhere, let’s first talk about the chimney liner, what it does and why it’s important […]

The Chimney Vents More than the Used, or Unused, Fireplace

As a homeowner, you’ve come to realize that if you have a fireplace, the smoke needs to go somewhere, and preferably not in your home. Smoke or gases from your gas fireplace or woodburning fireplace goes up the chimney and out of the home. Have you thought about where or how the exhaust from your […]

What Does a Chimney Liner do? And Do I Need a Chimney Liner.

Since our last article, “Top 3 Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney & Fireplace in July”, we’ve had several questions regarding chimney liners. What are chimney liners? What is the function of a chimney liner? How to identify if the chimney liner needs replacing? If you have a gas fireplace, a wood burning fireplace or just […]

Efflorescence on Your Stone or Brick Chimney

When you see a build up of efflorescence on the chimney bricks or stone, more than a small amount, here’s what Superior Chimney’s certified technicians will be looking for

Chimney Restoration -Watch It! Day 1

If tuckpointing is not enough to save the integrity of a chimney, then a chimney rebuild is needed.  It’s never easy to understand what’s included in a chimney rebuild, which is why we recorded video of one for you. This is a three-part, single-take, unscripted video, covering a few parts of a 3-day chimney rebuild […]

Chimney Liner. A Short Order.

Wow, doesn’t this look nice…light color brick, a smooth finish to the masonry, concrete top in a bright white color. Wait… What’s that coming out of the top? Coming out of the chimney crown or that bright white color in the picture, is a standard single flue gas appliance liner cap. The intention was to […]

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