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A Chimney Clean and Check in August? Why? Here’s 6 of 14 Reasons.

Superior Chimney’s 14-Point Inspection for Your Chimney & Fireplace

August is a big vacation month for families. It doesn’t always mean taking an airplane to Florida, it may mean a long weekend to a waterpark or even a staycation with get togethers’ with family and friends. As the month goes on, we begin to get the kids ready for school and try to get done with lots of chores around the house. When September hits, who has the time?

That’s why I’m preparing you now for the fall. Let’s get the chimney cleaned and checked now. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas fireplace, wood burning fireplace, or don’t even use the fireplace at all, it needs to be inspected all the same. Here are key reasons to have your chimney cleaned and checked if you use your fireplace or not. Top 3 Outside Reasons:

  1. Exterior Chimney – If you use your fireplace or not, weather is still going to do its job on the chimney. Tuckpointing, the chimney repair, will replace missing or failing mortar between the bricks or stones. If the chimney isn’t fixed, then deterioration continues, water will get into the chimney and find its way into your home.  
  2. Chimney Crown – Located at the top of the chimney, the chimney crown also gets the harsh weather conditions. Because it’s made from concrete, it runs the risk of forming small hairline cracks, a perfect place for water to enter, freeze, thaw and make its way into your home.
  3. Unwanted Guests – No, I’m not talking about you know who…these are birds, squirrels, rats & mice, or even raccoons. Our certified technicians will check your chimney cap, (or if you don’t have a chimney cap) this will keep unwanted guests searching for shelter in nature.  

All this activity, and the certified technician didn’t even get to the inside fireplace yet.

Top 3 Inside Reasons to clean and check the fireplace if you use the fireplace or not.

  1. Chimney Damper – The chimney damper plays an important role if you use your fireplace or not. If you use your fireplace, keeping it open allows the smoke to exit the home. If you have a gas fireplace, get the smell of gas out of the house. Don’t use it? Then have it inspected so it continues to work and is closed properly.  
  2. Firebox – This is where the gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace lives. The structure itself is either constructed of brick or metal. Use it or not, it needs to be cleaned and checked. Bricks and mortar deteriorate…even on the inside. Get rid of the dust, spider webs and other debris that gathers on a regular basis.
  3.  Hearth Protector or Grate – If you use your fireplace, gas or wood burning, it’s important that the hearth protector or grate is working properly. Need to keep everyone safe from the fireplace. If you don’t use your fireplace, the grate can be a safety issue. You say, “nah”, but next time you have guests over and they’re sitting by the fireplace, you’ll notice how fingers touch things they probably shouldn’t. It’s best to keep you, your family and guests safe.

Superior Chimney provides a 14-point inspection report with supporting pictures. Listed are only 6 of the 14. The picture above gives you everything that our certified service technicians perform. By getting it done now while you’re at home will save you the stress and worry of getting it done when life gets hectic once again.

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