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Top 3 Chimney Problems to Watch for in Summer

Chimney problems can occur all year long. Just because it’s summer, and you’re not using the chimney doesn’t mean all is well.

On Saturday, we went to some friend’s house for a barbeque. I must say it was wonderful, as everyone brought some great dishes. It’s a single-story home with a very well attended backyard. It was so relaxing to sit outside enjoying the company of friends.

After a while, I kept hearing a buzzing sound. (Yes, I did consider the tasty drinks as the source, but others heard it too.) We were looking around trying to figure out where the buzzing sound was coming from. Since we were on the back patio, I noticed that the chimney was close by. As I got closer, I noticed the noise getting louder. I went into their garage, pulled out the ladder and climbed up to get closer to the chimney. The buzzing sounds. A bee’s nest built very nicely in the bricks and inside the chimney.

Here are the top 3 chimney problems to watch for during the summer months:

  1. Unpleasant smells or odors coming from the chimney. Read the last post. We went into detail on the causes of fireplace odor smells.
  2. Unwanted critters such as animals, bees, wasps, birds along with their ‘left behinds’ or if they passed away in your chimney.
  3. Damage to the chimney flashing or chimney crown from high winds and heavy storms.

Not tending to these top 3 chimney problems in the summer can lead to more serious problems if left unattended. Call Superior Chimney to take care of any problems you heard, smelled or seen.  877-244-6349

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