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What’s the Smell? Is it Coming from the Fireplace and Chimney?

What’s the Smell? Is it Coming from the Fireplace and Chimney?

This summer has certainly been different. Even with the cool temperatures, one thing is for certain…we’ve received way too much rain. Now add a few high 80-degree days with humidity and it’s a recipe for a smelly house. As a result, we’ve received plenty of phone calls with questions pertaining to the musty smell coming from the fireplace or chimney.

If you have a wood burning fireplace, the smell is caused from the creosote deposits in the chimney. If you normally get your chimney cleaned in the fall, one way to reduce the smell is to get the chimney cleaned now. One of the tasks the certified Superior Chimney technician will perform is the removal of creosote and any decomposing materials. Now it may not get rid of the smell completely and that’s because creosote absorbs into the porous masonry inside of the chimney.

What else can you do if you still have a bit of a smell? By having our service technician to your home, he will inspect other areas to help control the odor such as a chimney damper. A chimney damper will seal in the air conditioning, keep out the rain and minimize any wind downdrafts that can bring bad smells into your home.

Here are a few smelly guidelines you can tell the service technician when he comes to your home for a chimney clean and inspection.

If it smells like:

  • Burnt BBQ that’s creosote built up in the chimney
  • Musty odor that’s water sitting somewhere in the chimney
  • Something is rotting that could be decomposing leaves mixed with dampness
  • Something died, it probably did

With more rain on the way, the situation is not going to get better. Take care of it now so you can enjoy the rest of your summer.

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