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Chimney Sweep for the Non-Chimney User

Chimney sweep for the non-chimney userIt seems that every house today has a fireplace. It’s one of those items that homeowner’s demand, but some don’t use. For many, it’s a fixture in the family room or living room that decorates an entire wall.

On a trip to a friend’s house for dinner and cocktails, we first gathered in the family room to enjoy a pre-dinner drink and appetizers. The style of the fireplace was gorgeous all on its own, but a fire would have completed the ‘look’. That’s when I found out that the only thing in the fireplace was a collection of spider webs and dead bugs. I couldn’t help but ask, “Have you ever had a chimney sweep?” I got the answer I was expecting, “No, I don’t use it.”

Well non-chimney users, use it or don’t use it, you still need to care for the chimney. Why? Here are a few reasons to consider:

1. Erosion to the chimney mortar happens if you use the chimney or not.

2. With the chimney being exposed to the elements of the weather, water will make its way in.

3. Animals are creative creatures. If they are searching for protection, they’ll find it.

4. Cracks in the chimney are inevitable. Cold drafts and rain will make their way in.

All you need to do is get it checked once a year. The investment each year will ensure protection to your home. Give us a call today at 877-CHIM-FIX or 877-244-6349. Visit online:

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