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What Makes “Chimney Potholes”?

The freeze thaw cycle is an unfortunate way your chimney experiences damage in the fall, winter and spring months. Have you ever noticed the road during springtime? Even without salt, the very porous asphalt/concrete is freezing and thawing. This process causes annoying potholes & cracks. The same goes for chimneys! The material that holds masonry […]

Do I Really Need to Clean the Chimney…Again?

The air conditioner cover is on, the furnace filter has been changed…now what am I forgetting? Ah, that’s right. Get the chimney sweep done. Do I really need to sweep the chimney this year? I use a gas fireplace. I don’t need to get it swept…right? Gas fireplaces are a great convenience as they can […]

Chimney Repairs – Do It Once. That’s It.

It’s the weekend again and our big activity is to take a walk around the neighborhood. People who you never see outside are now cutting the grass, cleaning out the gutters, or even washing windows. At least they are giving me something different to look at. I will admit, there was a house I walked […]

Winter Chimney & Fireplace Leaks

There are 2 key reasons why chimney’s leak in the winter:

Chimney Liner – Do you know if you have a chimney lining? If not, or if you are not sure, get your chimney inspected right away. If you do have a chimney liner, it may be the wrong size or it’s just seen better days. It’s best to have that inspected and taken care of.
Chimney Flashing – Water can sit in the flashing…then freeze…then thaw…then freeze again with the melted water making its way under the roof shingles and right into your home.

3 Common Exterior Chimney Problems

We made it through the polar vortex, snow storms and high wind days. Well almost. With the transition of seasons, storms. All these weather conditions have an affect on the exterior of the home, especially the chimney since it’s the highest point of the home and receives the most abuse. It may seem premature to […]

What Gas & Wood Burning Chimneys Have in Common

Fireplaces rank as one of the most popular features for homeowners. According to Angie’s List, they found that a fireplace was the #1 feature most often mentioned in home listings. The same study showed that 60% of homeowners having and using wood burning fireplaces while gas fireplaces made up about 22%. Whichever is your favorite, […]

Water Outside, Water Inside

That big red blob on the radar screen brought lots of joy to my grass, trees and flowers. There’s nothing like Mother Nature’s sprinkling system that can take brown grass back to green in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t help but go outside. As I stood in the garage, I watched as my neighbor […]

Pre-Season for Fireplaces & Chimneys

It’s that time of year where pre-season fireplaces & chimneys is all the rage! Never heard of pre-season fireplaces & chimneys? It’s similar to pre-season football. It’s the 4 weeks prior to the start of the regular season where the coaches make their decisions about fine tuning the team…who to keep and who to cut. […]

Chimney Saver: Is it worth the investment?

A neighbor recently hired Superior Chimney to repair their chimney. Fortunately, the masonry didn’t deteriorate where it would need to be rebuilt. Instead it needed extensive repair. The mortar had disappeared well into the bricks and the concrete chimney cap had removed itself from the chimney. In addition, the flashing had come away from the […]

Chimney Sweep for the Non-Chimney User

It seems that every house today has a fireplace. It’s one of those items that homeowner’s demand, but some don’t use. For many, it’s a fixture in the family room or living room that decorates an entire wall. On a trip to a friend’s house for dinner and cocktails, we first gathered in the family […]

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