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Winter Chimney & Fireplace Leaks

It seems like it’s the never-ending Fall clean-up. Before it snowed this past weekend, leaves had blown back onto the grass from the winds. It’s best to keep them off the lawn as leaves rot the grass. Then the snow came with high winds…again. Now there’s various sized branches all over the yard and driveway. Now I’m out there again…and a few of the neighbors too.

As we finished our snowy yardwork, a couple of the neighbors called me over. Issues with their fireplace. Wind and snow, or wind and rain are great combinations for uncovering leaks. With the threat of more snow coming this weekend, the leak(s) need to be found.

There are 2 Key Reasons Why Chimney’s Leak in the Winter.

  1. Chimney Liner – Do you know if you have a chimney lining? If not, or if you are not sure, get your chimney inspected right away. If you do have a chimney liner, it may be the wrong size or it’s just seen better days. It’s best to have that inspected and taken care of.
  2. Chimney Flashing – Water can sit in the flashing…then freeze…then thaw…then freeze again with the melted water making its way under the roof shingles and right into your home. Leaks are tricky, as they can show up in a bedroom a good distance away from the exterior chimney. Sometimes you find out too late, especially when a section of the wall paint begins to peel.

There are a few other reasons for chimney leaks that we’ll also take a look at. For instance, is there a chimney cap or did it blow away with the high winds? Has the masonry or mortar between the bricks deteriorate? Or is there a crack in the chimney crown?

Now that you know why a chimney leak happens, let’s review how you can identify a leak in your chimney and fireplace. Here are 4 most frequently identified signs to look for inside of your home.

  1. You can hear the sound of dripping water in the fireplace
  2. Better yet, you can visibly see a pool of standing water in the fireplace
  3. Water stains next to the chimney, near the chimney on the walls
  4. Musty smell when you go in the room or near the fireplace, especially after it rains or snows

Let’s face it. It is not fun having issues in winter. It’s better to begin to visit it now and take care of what you can before springs storms come. Give Superior Chimney a call at 877-244-6349. Let’s start getting you taken care of today.

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