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Chimney Repairs – Do It Once. That’s It.

It’s the weekend again and our big activity is to take a walk around the neighborhood. People who you never see outside are now cutting the grass, cleaning out the gutters, or even washing windows. At least they are giving me something different to look at.

I will admit, there was a house I walked past slowly.

I was watching a homeowner on top of his roof with (what looked like) a jump rope tied around his waist that was tied around the chimney. Now that it caught my curiosity, I had to continue watching. He had a bucket with a tool in hand. It was a ‘do it yourself’ tuckpointing project on the chimney. Clearly it was an on the job learning experience. He was trying to fill in those gaps in between the bricks. Fortunately, I have a pretty good camera phone and zoomed in. Here’s what I saw:

Whatever patch job he was attempting was going to have to be redone because his didn’t work.

Chimney repairs or masonry work is best done by a Superior Chimney professional. Many of the cracks reappeared in the same location in the mortar. When done professionally, the mortar is:

  • Repaired from the inside…out by grinding
  • The color will be matched as best as possible to the existing mortar
  • The mortar is properly finished for a seamless look.

Once its repaired, get the bricks and mortar coated with a waterproofing agent called Chimney Saver. It prevents water absorption and water penetrating the bricks. If you’ve made the investment in the repair, the one step further will ensure a long-lasting repair and slow down the deterioration process.

So be safe by letting the experienced technicians at Superior Chimney take care of the details. Call us today at ( 877) 244-6349.

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