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3 Common Exterior Chimney Problems

We made it through the polar vortex, snow storms and high wind days. Well almost. With the transition of seasons, storms. All these weather conditions have an affect on the exterior of the home, especially the chimney since it’s the highest point of the home and receives the most abuse.

It may seem premature to start thinking of the health of your chimney on the outside, however, that’s where problems have been forming all winter.

  1. Mortar, is what seals the bricks or stones together, deteriorates and cracks with the expansion and contraction from weather conditions. With the severe temperatures we’ve experienced, additional stress has been placed on the bricks and chimney mortar.
  2. Chimney crowns, experience cracks of various shapes and sizes, is a great place for water to enter into the brick and mortar and eventually into your home, one drip at a time.
  3. Chimney cap or lack thereof, is an essential part of the chimney structure. It prevents rain, snow, animals, debris and minor wind downdrafts from entering the home.   

You can stay on top of the issue by having your chimney cleaned and checked, where we automatically check for these aspects of your chimney on the outside, (watch video part 2) by a certified technician. Give Superior Chimney a call and eliminate the worry and concern. Call 877-244-6349. If you want to be sure you know what you’re getting with a Superior service, be sure to watch “What Services are Performed in a Chimney Sweep” Part 1 and Part 2.

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