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Chimney Restoration -Watch It! Day 1

If tuckpointing is not enough to save the integrity of a chimney, then a chimney rebuild is needed.  It’s never easy to understand what’s included in a chimney rebuild, which is why we recorded video of one for you.

This is a three-part, single-take, unscripted video, covering a few parts of a 3-day chimney rebuild along with some of the masonry work performed…  Staring one of Superior Chimney’s, first time on camera, CSIA Certified masonry teams 😊!

Day 1:  The team spends necessary time to stage their working environment with scaffolding, debris/concrete & mortar mixing area, etc.  Demolition, most often begins on the first day which involves dismantling of the compromised chimney masonry and removing the debris from the site.  The work area is kept organized and preparations for Day 2 begin.

Day 2:  We pick up and bring out the homeowner’s chosen brick and begin to build the new chimney. Again, we keep the site organized and make the necessary preparations for Day 3.

Day 3:  Build the crown forms, pour the chimney crown, break down scaffold and clean up.  A follow up appointment is scheduled for final cleanup, masonry wash, as well as the chimney saver application, which prevents water from saturating the brick and mortar for 10 years.

Today, you’ll get to see Day 1.  Check back in a few days to watch Day 2, and then Day 3.

You’ll begin to have a better understanding of what you’ll be entrusting Superior Chimney to do in helping you with your tuckpointing, chimney repair and/or chimney restoration project.  

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