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The Simple Science of Lint Balls & The Dryer Vent 

Results from a Dryer Vent Cleaning

According to Popular Science, lint are the natural fibers that shed from our clothes, blankets and towels and are ultimately trapped by the lint screen. However, as we all know, the lint screen picks up many of the fibers, but not all, leaving fibers along the sides of the lint screen holder and also in the dryer vent which is the silver tube that connects to the clothes dryer.

Winter Lint

Lint shows up in great quantities in winter as we wear wool and cotton, two fabrics that shed plenty of fibers. After washing, what seems like thousands of loads of clothes this past winter, plenty of lint has built up in the lint trap. However, this weekend when you do the 1,001 load, take a look inside of the space that houses the lint trap. It’s full of lint. As much as we try to stick our hand in there to clear it out, there’s lots more of it building up in the dryer vent.

Spring Cleaning

With the (hopeful) transition of winter to spring, now’s the time to get the dryer vent cleaned. You might have noticed, I know I have, that the drying time is taking longer. I thought it was just my impatience for wanting to get the chore done, but when I timed it, I was using 50% more time. So, if I put the time drying on 40 minutes, I had to put the clothes back in for another 20 minutes to get them 90% dry. It’s wasting energy and time all because of the lint build up in the dryer vent.

It’s also important to note that according to the National Fire Protection Association, in a 4 year time span, almost 16,000 house fires involved clothes dryers. Fibers are highly flammable, which makes sense. How many times did you get a shock putting on or taking off your wool sweater? Ouch.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Superior Chimney has a great dryer vent cleaning service performed by certified technicians. They know how to prevent fires in the chimney and fireplace, they know how to clean and prevent dryer vent fires too. So how can we know how much dryer lint is coming out of the dryer vent? I used this picture before, and thought, why not use it again! It’s a great example of how much lint and dust builds up in the dryer vent. If you see him coming out to your home to clean the dryer vent, thank him for helping you make the decision to have the dryer vent cleaned. He’s a good sport!

Make dryer vent cleaning part of your spring cleaning routine. Schedule it today by calling 877-244-6349.

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