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The (Un)Forgettable Cleaning Project

Having trouble remembering to schedule a dryer vent sweep? We aren’t surprised! Ah, remember the days in December and January of the freezing cold weather in Chicagoland? Sweaters piled up in the laundry room waiting to be washed? These many sweaters consistently being washed over the winter do take a toll on your dryer vent. […]

A New Year’s Resolution – Year of the Lint

3…2…1, we finally crossed into 2024…It’s time for a dryer exhaust cleaning! Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Many of our New Year’s resolutions are to have cleaner homes. This means cleaning inside the home, outside and everything in between! We usually think to dust, mop or start on some long overdue project (like […]

Dryer Vent Cleaning for the New Year

Dryer Vent Cleaning for the New Year

Dryer vent cleaning is a critical part of the winter season. We wear sweaters and coats that shed a little bit of their material with every wash and dry. But have you ever wondered what happens to all those little fibers as they leave your clothes? The lint catcher of course! Well…yes…and no. Let’s take […]

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget to Include the Dryer Vent

dryer vent sweep

The dryer vent. Who is thinking about cleaning the dryer vent when we clean them every time we do laundry, right? Let me share with you what I discovered this weekend. I spent some time outside this weekend trying to do two things at one time. 1. Enjoy some of the sunshine 2. Spring Clean. […]

Mid-Winter is a Perfect Time for Dryer Vent Sweep

What? Why would dryer vent sweep be done in February? It doesn’t seem logical to have the service done now as the cold months are still in full swing, however, this is the perfect time. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, most home clothes dryer fires occur in the Fall and Winter months, peaking in […]

New Towels Produced a HUGE Lint Ball in the Dryer Vent

It’s always a treat when I can get new bath towels. These were probably one of the softest towels I’ve ever purchased. I removed the labels from the towels and put them in the washing machine and then the dryer. It’s always good to wash before use. As I took the towels from the dryer, […]

Is It Getting Hotter in the House with the Clothes Dryer Running?

Yes, I know it’s summer. I wash my clothes early in the morning so the heat from the clothes dryer doesn’t cause the air conditioner to turn on or overwork. I also wash clothes early so I’m not interrupted with kids searching the kitchen for something easy to eat. Last week I washed and dried […]

The Simple Science of Lint Balls & The Dryer Vent 

According to Popular Science, lint are the natural fibers that shed from our clothes, blankets and towels and are ultimately trapped by the lint screen. However, as we all know, the lint screen picks up many of the fibers, but not all, leaving fibers along the sides of the lint screen holder and also in […]

How to Think About Your Dryer Vent in Freezing Temperatures

If you are (unfortunately) like me, my utility room has an outside wall and a shared wall to the garage, where the washer and dryer sits. On our freezing cold days, the hose and plumbing freezes stopping all water from flowing out during the rinse cycle. Each year, I fail to remember how the hose […]

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