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Is It Getting Hotter in the House with the Clothes Dryer Running?

Is It Getting Hotter in the House with the Clothes Dryer Running?

Yes, I know it’s summer. I wash my clothes early in the morning so the heat from the clothes dryer doesn’t cause the air conditioner to turn on or overwork. I also wash clothes early so I’m not interrupted with kids searching the kitchen for something easy to eat.

Last week I washed and dried the clothes like all other weeks, except this time the mud room, where the washer and dryer are kept, along with the kitchen were heating up. It was not 90 degrees outside, and it was 6:00 a.m.

I checked behind the clothes dryer to ensure it was hooked up properly. It was. I checked the lint trap, and it was clean. However, when I looked inside where the lint trap is located, I noticed a build up of lint. Seeing the build up of lint in the dryer reminded me that I haven’t had my dryer vent cleaned in a long while.

As we spend more time working from home, situations like this are becoming more noticeable.

Lint accumulation, whether it be electric or gas, can shorten the life of your clothes dryer, make drying your clothes longer and in some situations, can cause a dryer fire. It’s amazing how many fires are caused in the home each year due to lint build up. Did you know on average, there are over 15,000 fires caused by lint in the dryer vent each year? Lint is highly flammable; your dryer can get quite hot. Then add on carbon monoxide from a gas dryer, and now you have more problems for the entire family.

Take advantage of your work from home situation, and get these things taken care of. It’ll help you save money on energy costs and time to dry the clothes. If you’re like me, we don’t have time to waste. Give us a call today to get that dryer vent cleaned… 877-244-6349.

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