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Sorry Water, You’re Not Welcome Down My Chimney

ChimneySaver by Superior Chimney in Lombard, IL

This Spring and soon to be Summer season have been all about the rain. Now again, we’re getting remnants of tropical storm Cristobal (not the college football coach) merging with yet another storm. How much more of a beating can the chimney handle?

We’ve talked about tuckpointing or repairing the masonry between the bricks, stone or blocks. We also discussed installing a chimney cap and checking the flashing that connects the chimney to your roofing system. This time I want to share with you the question we get most often…”What else can I do?”

To prevent future chimney repairs, we recommend ChimneySaver. ChimneySaver is our solution for waterproofing your chimney. Chimney Saver is applied directly to the brick, stone or blocks as well as the mortar. ChimneySaver water repellent not only repels the water, it also allows the brick to ‘breathe’ meaning, it allows water vapor to escape. What good will this do?

  • Minimize deterioration of the masonry
  • Preserve the bricks, stone or blocks
  • Minimize future chimney repairs

ChimneySaver is applied to 3 main areas for total protection: chimney crown, masonry and flashing. By protecting these core areas, you’ll no longer need to worry when bad storms come our way.

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