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Strong Storms and Chimney Leaks. Time to Get Rid of the Plastic Container.

Brick & Mortar, Chimney Cap, Chimney Crown are Sources for Water Leaks on Chimney’s

As the rain storm came through last night, we all sat in the family room watching Harry Potter for the 50th time…and before Game 1 of the Finals. The volume was turned up a couple of times as the rain crashed against the windows. I didn’t think much of it, until I heard that dripping sound. I know I should have gotten it repaired sooner…especially when my son got up, went into the kitchen, got a plastic container and put it in the fireplace.

Today I’ll call Superior Chimney to come out and locate the water leak. As I take a look at the website,, there’s a page on chimney water leaks. It’s amazing how many different ways water can enter the home just from the chimney. It’s probably because it’s the tallest point on the house. Here’s a few:

  1. Chimney cap can be broken, blown off, or old allowing water and even critters to enter.
  2. Mortar deterioration between the bricks of the chimney structure. Tuckpointing is usually the solution.
  3. Chimney crown, which is the slab of concrete that sits on top of the bricks, and under the chimney cap. It can have a hairline crack or deterioration which allows water in.
  4. Chimney flashing which can come away from where the chimney and the roof meet. The smallest movement is all it takes for the water to slide right in.

If you get any tuckpointing done, you can get the chimney waterproofed. They spray the entire chimney, bricks and mortar. It prevents water from penetrating the bricks and mortar as well as stops any brick flaking off. Now you won’t have to hear the drips, or worry about getting it repaired again.

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