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What Gas & Wood Burning Chimneys Have in Common

Fireplaces rank as one of the most popular features for homeowners. According to Angie’s List, they found that a fireplace was the #1 feature most often mentioned in home listings. The same study showed that 60% of homeowners having and using wood burning fireplaces while gas fireplaces made up about 22%. Whichever is your favorite, both are important to care for.

Chimney Safety

The Chimney Safety Institute of America CSIA recommends having the chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year, regardless if you have a gas or wood burning fireplace. What the two have in common is to ensure the safety of the fireplace.

One important aspect is to determine if your chimney was affected by the freeze and thaw cycle. Changes of the seasons is the most obvious, however if you recall we’ve had temperatures this week that had nighttime freeze and afternoon thaw cycle in a single 24-hour day. This process creates cracks in the chimney’s masonry and chimney liner allowing for potential gases to enter the home.

Rain Water Talent

Both woodburning and gas fireplaces need to be concerned about rain water making its way into the home from the chimney. Remember the freeze thaw cycle? If water gets inside the masonry and freezes…thaws…freezes…thaws, it will cause deterioration. Even if you have a stone chimney, there’s plenty of mortar in between the stones that gets affected by the freeze-thaw cycle.

Critters Searching for Warmth

We all like to stay warm and cozy and that certainly includes our outdoor friends such as squirrels, birds & racoons. These little guys are quite talented finding small gaps in unscreened vents to find their way into your home. To know if you have a guest freeloading in your chimney, listen for scurrying or scratching sounds and look for chewed up wood, plastic etc. If you suspect critters, have Superior Chimney check before you light the fire.

Next Step

Regardless if you are a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace fan, it’s important to care for your fireplace and chimney to keep your family warm and safe.

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