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CSIA Chimney Safety Week & Key Elements of a Chimney

September 30th – October 6 is National Chimney Safety Week sponsored by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Superior Chimney is a certified member of CSIA, meaning, technicians are trained on the NFPA’s three levels of chimney inspection. An important fact for homeowners to consider when reviewing their current or researching chimney sweep companies.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the chimney vents more than just the wood burning or gas fireplace. The chimney can also vent:

  • oil heating appliances,
  • water heater or
  • other fuel burning appliances.

This is why it’s critical to have the chimney inspected each year. We can also tell you all that is being vented by your chimney. Watch this great video from CSIA on annual chimney inspections and the protection it provides your home and family.

In honor of National Chimney Safety Week, we thought it would be beneficial to discuss a few key elements that make up a chimney. Now when the technicians use these words, you’ll know exactly what he means.

Chimney crown – this is an important part of protecting your chimney from water entering through small cracks. However, if your chimney crown has a crack, rain water will make its way into the bricks and mortar causing deterioration. Learn more about chimney crowns.

Flue & Flue Lining – An unlined chimney is simply a flue. However, without a flue lining or chimney liner, your chimney becomes a fire hazard. What are the benefits of a chimney liner? A chimney liner ensures minimal accumulation of any type of flammable debris. It is best for the chimney liner to be made of stainless steel as they provide the best protection and meet code requirements. Learn more about flue lining.

Chimney damper – Chimney damper or a fireplace damper is activated with a lever or pully. A fireplace dampers helps to prevent energy loss when your fireplace isn’t in use. It’s also a great way to prevent rain or critters form entering your home if your chimney cap fails to help. Learn more about chimney dampers.

We take great care in every chimney sweep. With fall upon us and cool days and nights, get your chimney checked  with our 14 Point Certified Written Inspection and photo documentation by Superior Chimney a certified chimney sweep.

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