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The Chimney Pot is Not What You Think…

The Chimney Pot is Not What You Think

A chimney pot has become popular in recent years. They provide a decorative top to the chimney finishing the look and feel of a detailed house. Most times, chimneys are finished with a metal tube that can keep out water, debris, snow, animals and other items that can easily make its way into the home. […]

Are You Moving or Buying a New Home? Then You Better Check the Chimney Liner.

The chimney liner is a vital part of the infrastructure of the home. In many municipalities in Illinois, it is required that a chimney liner be installed and in good working order to sell your home. So, before you go anywhere, let’s first talk about the chimney liner, what it does and why it’s important […]

Plenty of Rain, High Humidity, and You’re Wondering Why the Fireplace Smells

Some homeowners might shrug-off the fireplace smells as most households have air conditioning. If you have the air conditioning on, then the fireplace won’t smell…right? Not so fast. First, glass doors are frequently found in front of the fireplace. How does the fresh air get in there? It doesn’t. Also, let’s say you have a […]

Superior Chimney’s Exclusive Interview with Santa

Superior Chimney was fortunate to get time out of Santa’s busy schedule to ask him about December 25th. We thought it would be best to ask an expert on chimney travels. Here’s what he had to say: SCSC: Thank you Santa for allowing us to speak with you for a few minutes. We’ll share your […]

CSIA Chimney Safety Week & Key Elements of a Chimney

September 30th – October 6 is National Chimney Safety Week sponsored by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Superior Chimney is a certified member of CSIA, meaning, technicians are trained on the NFPA’s three levels of chimney inspection. An important fact for homeowners to consider when reviewing their current or researching chimney sweep companies. […]

Summer Chaos in the Chimney

There are big disturbances going on in your chimney and it will certainly make its way into the fireplace and into your home. If you find yourself saying, “I can wait to get the chimney cleaned,” think again. Chaos #1: Summer heat and humidity, and we’ve already had a couple of 90 degree days, seeps […]

Why It’s Best to Leave Chimney Cleaning to the Certified Professionals

There’s an overabundance of information out on the Internet that can help you complete any home improvement project. If you have a gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace, it sure can be tempting to buy your own sweeping tools and clean the chimney yourself. There’s definite consequences to the do-it-yourself chimney sweep, and important reasons […]

4 Point Check on an Exterior Chimney for Leaks

“Rain, rain, go away…” Remember we sang that as kids and thought it was fun? I’ve found myself singing this song way too often with an ‘oh by the way…take the humidity and bugs along with you.’ Clean-up has become your everyday task…from outside debris to water in the basement. It’s been an agitating time […]

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