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Wind Storms and the Chimney: With or Without Rain

Wind storms and the chimney: it’s not a pair made in paradise. The wind storms that we’ve had lately in the Chicagoland area have been challenging. Not only has debris from the trees been thick all over the grass and driveway, but has also blown off roofing materials, gutters and of course some things associated with the chimney. These items include the chimney cap and chimney flashing which is at the base of the chimney. With the wind storm coming through so forcefully, how can you protect the highest point of your home without seeing the chimney toppled down from the strong winds?

Wind Storms and the Chimney. What is that?

Wind storms and the chimney doesn’t mean that it includes rain. It certainly can, and that’s what most of us are use to. High winds followed shortly by the rain. But we’ve been experiencing high winds with no rain and it lasts for hours.

What’s Next?

Most often, we think about the major parts of our home when high winds arrive. Areas such as the trees swaying over the roof, or large branches or debris blowing in the wind that can crash and break the windows or damage siding. These are real issues that every homeowner needs to be concerned about. So, when you don’t see the chimney, is it out of site out of mind? Most times that’s true. But wind can cause damage to the chimney. Let’s take a look.

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is most often the first to go in a wind storm. If the chimney cap isn’t completely tight against the chimney, you can be sure the wind will swoop under and push it up and off the chimney. You may find the chimney cap in your neighbor’s backyard.

It would be a good idea to have a certified chimney technician to inspect the chimney cap to ensure its secure. It’s vital for the chimney to remain intact in order to protect the inside of your home. Especially since we had a couple of wind storms, it is best to get it checked before the next one comes our way.  Wind loosens the chimney caps mounting hardware.

Topple the Chimney Over 

This doesn’t seem like something that wind storms can do to a chimney. But it happens more often than you think. If the chimney has been neglected for a long time…and it does happen, the chimney can become weak from disrepair. The mortar is missing, the bricks are weak and when you have a good gust of wind come through, you can be sure those bricks will come toppling down. When this happens, you can be sure a chimney rebuild is in the picture. It can be a partial chimney rebuild, or a full chimney rebuild. A superior chimney technician will evaluate the situation and let you know which one it is and the best course of action to getting it done. It’s best to not let it get this far!

Preventative Maintenance

Getting your chimney and fireplace cleaned and checked each year, whether it is wood burning, gas, used everyday or never used, in order to maintain the health of your home. Remember, the chimney is used more than for the fireplace. It is also used by the water heater, furnace or boiler appliances in your home.

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