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Cicada Crawling Up the Chimney

This past weekend, for most homeowners, was the time to cut your grass. We’ve had plenty of rain to have the grass grow quite long. After opening the garage door and pulling out the mower, I was greeted by cicadas sitting on both garbage cans. They are definitely a good size bug. Okay, no big deal. Just a couple. Right?

As I got everything ready for the grass, I noticed the cicadas crawling up the side of the brick house. Naturally, I have to keep looking. Were there more?

As I walked around the house the cicadas were (or are) everywhere. I followed their slow crawl up the house and found a few of them crawling up the chimney exterior. Fortunately, I have a termination damper which blocks the cicadas from getting into the house.

I did take a break and come into the house to get a quick drink. As I was leaving to go back outside, I heard this: “Do you want to take your friend with you back outside?” Well, a cicada jumped on my back and came with me into the house and dropped on the floor. Yes, the cicada did go with me back outside. What can we learn from this?

Termination Dampers Can Keep Cicadas Out!

Termination Dampers use professional grade materials to keep the weather elements, animals, cicadas, and eliminate high winds (just like we recently had) out. The materials are important to the protection of your chimney. Using a milk crate, chicken wire cannot nor does not work as it can restrict exhaust from properly flowing out of your home. It may seem like a good solution, but it will damage your home.


Gaps in the mortar are like a big ‘welcome’ sign for the cicadas. Yes, they may be big bugs, but there are plenty of big holes in between bricks. Now, this isn’t something the cicadas want to do, as they came out for a reason, but they see a good place to go and will crawl inside. That’s why it’s critical to get the tuckpointing checked on the chimney during this very crawly time.

While you are taking care of the tuckpointing, or repair on the chimney, be sure to ask about Chimney Saver. Once the tuckpointing is done, Superior Chimney can apply Chimney Saver to waterproof the chimney and keep the water away. This is vital as brick and mortar are porous. Water loves to get in between and begin the gradual breakdown of the materials. This will keep the issues away for years to come.

Contact Superior Chimney today at 877-244-6349 to begin protecting your home from cicadas, the weather elements and other little creatures.

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