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Summer Chaos in the Chimney

There are big disturbances going on in your chimney and it will certainly make its way into the fireplace and into your home. If you find yourself saying, “I can wait to get the chimney cleaned,” think again.

Chaos #1: Summer heat and humidity, and we’ve already had a couple of 90 degree days, seeps into the chimney, mixes with creosote, soot and any debris from the wood burning or gas fireplace to create unpleasant smells. If you have your A/C on, that smell will linger in the house.

Chaos #2: Your air conditioner is working hard to circulate the air and keep your house cool. Did you know that the air conditioner is pulling warm or hot air from the chimney? This is only going to make the air conditioner work harder, using more energy than necessary.

Chaos #3: The fireplace damper is up on the roof and out of site. Do you know if the fireplace damper is closed properly? If it is open even a crack, warm air is entering the chimney. Then Chaos #2 happens all over again, pulling warm air into the home. In addition, bugs make their way into the open fireplace damper. No one is ever happy to see a bug inside when they belong outside.

Seal in the air conditioning while keeping out insects, animals and hot wind downdrafts. Get your chimney clean and checked and have Superior Chimney evaluate the effectiveness of your current fireplace damper.

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