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Superior Chimney’s Exclusive Interview with Santa

Superior Chimney was fortunate to get time out of Santa’s busy schedule to ask him about December 25th. We thought it would be best to ask an expert on chimney travels. Here’s what he had to say:

SCSC: Thank you Santa for allowing us to speak with you for a few minutes. We’ll share your answers with all those that celebrate the Holiday Season by the fireplace. We understand that you land on the roof with your sleigh, and make your way into the chimney. Do chimney caps stop you from entering?

Santa: Ho, ho, ho. No, chimney caps are fine for me. I prefer houses with chimney caps so that critters can receive their presents from me in their natural home, which is outside. It also helps keep the leaves outside. Dried leaves are very noisy.

SCSC: Once you make your way down the chimney, what should we watch for to make your trip easier?

Santa: For safety reasons, be sure to keep your Christmas tree and presents away from the fireplace. The beautiful Christmas wrappings do catch on fire quickly, so as you unwrap the presents don’t throw wrappings into the fireplace or keep them near the open flames. Also, when the tree and presents are not by the fireplace, it gives me and my bag of presents more room to work.

SCSC: Does it help to have the chimney cleaned before you come?

Santa:  Ho, ho, ho. That creosote does end up on my red jacket! Do get it cleaned as creosote is flammable. Better to keep everyone safe!

SCSC: Where do you like for all your fans to place your milk and cookies?

Santa: By the fireplace of course!

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