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That’s Not the Smell of Turkey – Where’s the Smoke?

That’s Not the Smell of Turkey – Where’s the Smoke? by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house for a ‘dry run’ for Thanksgiving Day. I have never participated in a dry run, so this was new. A ‘dry run’ is more about process and timing and not necessarily taste testing the food. Disappointing, but I think we all got that one down just fine.

When I arrived, everything was in order: dishes, pots, pans, food prep and serving spaces. I found out that my job for today was to dry run the family and dining rooms where the tables were to be set up. I did my part and figured out where the tables and chairs were to go. I, of course, set up the tables in the family room around the fireplace. Not too close, no need to cook the turkey twice…or the guests.

Now for the dining room. As I was working out the configuration, I smelled some smoke. I thought she decided to make a couple of dishes for me…us…to taste test. It wasn’t smelling so good. Too smoky. I went into the kitchen to explore the dishes of food to find everything empty. Where is that smell coming from?

I went from room to room ensuring nothing was burning. Until I walked into the family room. She lit the fireplace. Smoke was going into the chimney, but was also remaining in the house. Problem.

There are lots of reasons for the smoke to come into the house.

  1. It could need a good cleaning or chimney sweep
  2. Maybe the damper isn’t fully open
  3. The firewood could be bad

Instead of wasting time guessing, I told her to call Superior Chimney 877-244-6349 to inspect and clean the chimney. At first, she was reluctant and I shared two critical reasons to call: 1. There’s going to be a house full of guests. No need for the Great American Smoke Out. 2. Clothing, furniture and the carpet will absorb the smoky smell. It’s better to have guests leave with the smell of oven roasted turkey.

Thankfully, she listened. Superior Chimney should be at my friend’s house shortly. They’ll inspect the condition of the chimney with their 14-point inspection. Next, a thorough chimney cleaning and fireplace cleaning with all the pictures and explanations she’ll need to understand where the smoke problem resides. Now when tomorrow comes, we’ll be sniffing up all the right smells.

Contact us today so your holiday season is full of warmth. From all of us at Superior Chimney, Happy Thanksgiving!

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