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Does Your Living Room Look Like a Pizza Oven?

How would you know if your chimney smoke guard is working properly? A faulty chimney smoke guard is surprisingly obvious. Have you been to a pizza restaurant recently? The best pizza restaurants have wood burning ovens, all with a chimney attached. Sometimes, the inside of the restaurant looks cloudy and smokey, and smells like burning […]

My House Looks Like a Fireplace!

My House Looks Like a Fireplace!

Installing a chimney smoke guard can be a crucial part of keeping your home safe during the winter. Have you ever been inside an old hut where ancient people used to live? If you have ever traveled Europe, you might’ve run across such huts called Skansen. Inside the Skansen are small fireplaces with handmade fireplaces […]

Letter From a New Customer on Fireplace Smoke

Dear Superior Chimney, I’m concerned about the fireplace smoke that came into my family room. With the cooler temperatures, I was excited to get started with the use of my fireplace. Why was the fireplace smoking? And how can I be sure it doesn’t happen again? Answer: These are great questions that many others can […]

How to Achieve a Picture Perfect Fireplace for Thanksgiving

Preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday is turning out to be a bit different. Gone this year is the uncle who throws crumbs of food and bits of trash in the fireplace. Or the kids that like to poke the fireplace logs sending sparks in every direction. This year, we get to create our own scene. […]

That’s Not the Smell of Turkey – Where’s the Smoke?

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house for a ‘dry run’ for Thanksgiving Day. I have never participated in a dry run, so this was new. A ‘dry run’ is more about process and timing and not necessarily taste testing the food. Disappointing, but I think we all got that one down just fine. When […]

Keeping the Chimney and Fireplace Safe for Santa

Being Santa’s chimney helpers holds a great deal of responsibility. We hold meetings each year reviewing safety measures to ensure presents…and Santa stays safe during travels down the chimney. Santa did ask that we post a few of his safety tips:   • Holiday wrapping, ribbon and tissue: It’s a ton of fun to tear […]

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