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My Fireplace is Allowing Cold Air Into My Home

My Fireplace is Allowing Cold Air Into My Home by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

Cold drafts coming into the home through the chimney, down into the fireplace and into your living area has been the concern among many callers to Superior Chimney. We thought it would be a useful to share the cause of cold drafts or cold air entering your home from gas fireplace and wood burning fireplace.

What is a Downdraft?

A downdraft occurs when cold air blows across / down the chimney. Since cold air is dense or heavy, it will fall down into the chimney and ultimately makes its way into your home.

Can Down Drafting be Prevented?

Some may say to simply install glass doors in front of the fireplace, however, that’s not solving the problem. Cold air will remain in the chimney and slowly leak into the home. Here are a couple of preventative measures for keeping cold air out.

Chimney Cap – A chimney cap works to minimize wind downdrafts. It also prevents snow, rain and animals from entering while keeping any sparks from leaving the chimney. A Superior Chimney technician will check to ensure the chimney cap is installed and working properly.  

Damper or Chimney Flue – A damper is another great way to prevent cold drafts from entering the home. It seals in the heat in cold temperatures and air conditioning in the summer. Dampers also seal out animals, rain, snow, wind and hail and also prevents sparks from going outside of the home.

What to do if You Feel a Cold Draft?

To uncover and solve the problem of cold air or downdrafts entering your home, have a CSIA Certified Chimney technician from Superior Chimney come to your home and evaluate the situation. We’ll take pictures of what we find up on the roof so you can be aware of your situation to make an educated decision. Call us at 877-244-6349 to get started.

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