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Holiday Gatherings… and Drafty Fireplaces?

Holiday Gatherings… and Drafty Fireplaces?

This year’s Thanksgiving was filled with family gatherings, comfort food and… drafty fireplaces? There really is nothing quite like gathering around a cozy fireplace, eating food and talking to friends, but this year was a little bit different. A drafty fireplace was in the mix at our Thanksgiving dinner, sending damp and cold air into […]

Cold Draft in Fireplace Signals

Cold draft in the fireplace is a signal that something is wrong with the flow of air through the chimney and fireplace. Traditional fireplaces have an open firebox intended to allow air to go up the chimney – This is the natural draft created by the design of a traditional fireplace. How does a cold […]

Cold Air Can Create a Chilly Fireplace Draft

A fireplace cold draft is a common problem for many homeowners. There are many reasons for a fireplace cold draft to occur, but what we know for certain is how the cold draft makes you feel. Uncomfortable. Let’s find out a bit more about some causes of fireplace cold drafts and what may be to […]

Why Does the Fireplace Let Cold Air into the Home?

Whenever we think of a cold winter’s day, our minds drift to a warm fireplace. There’s nothing like sitting in an oversized chair with my favorite ‘drink’ while I close my eyes to enjoy the warmth and crackling sound of the fire. The fireplace can certainly serve as a place of solace and relaxation. Clearly, […]

My Fireplace is Allowing Cold Air Into My Home

Cold drafts coming into the home through the chimney, down into the fireplace and into your living area has been the concern among many callers to Superior Chimney. We thought it would be a useful to share the cause of cold drafts or cold air entering your home from gas fireplace and wood burning fireplace. […]

Gathered by the Fireplace, a Cool Breeze Overcame the Guests

Everyone gathered into the family room to rest after hours of eating appetizers, snacks, meals and of course, desert. I stayed in the kitchen to clean up the rest of the dishes. As I stood by the sink, I could hear a variety of conversations, some repeatable and others…not so much. A voice came over […]

A Fireplace Bedtime Routine

I absolutely love the fireplace. It’s warm, relaxing and provides a soft glowing light. I even tend to believe that it calms the kids down before going to bed. As part of their bedtime routine, they think it’s a privilege to sit on the couch and watch the fire in the fireplace. After approximately 10 minutes, […]

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