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Cold Draft in Fireplace Signals

Cold draft in the fireplace is a signal that something is wrong with the flow of air through the chimney and fireplace. Traditional fireplaces have an open firebox intended to allow air to go up the chimney – This is the natural draft created by the design of a traditional fireplace. How does a cold draft in a fireplace start?

What is a Cold Draft in Fireplace?

Cold draft in fireplace is the intermittent times when the fire in the fireplace is out. When the fire has stopped burning and before you light a new one, it is the perfect opportunity for the cold air to come into the home. One solution to help control the flow of cold air is with a chimney damper.

Visiting a Family When the Cold Draft Hits

Here’s a perfect example of a cold draft coming from the fireplace. We were visiting friends over the weekend walking from the family room to the kitchen enjoying food, drink and good company. I noticed our friend’s elderly parent sitting in the family room wrapped up in a blanket watching football. (Yes, she wanted to watch it.) I asked if there was anything I could do to help her feel warmer and she said, “Yes, stop that cold breeze.” I looked around, noticed there were no windows or doors open, nor was anyone walking in or out of the home. I crossed over to the fireplace and there it was. A very cold breeze coming in from the fireplace. I wondered how often she sat there freezing on the couch.

Chimney Damper

Especially in the cold times of the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, a chimney damper can be of great help. As the CSIA says, the chimney damper is “one of the most misunderstood features of the fireplace.” Easily said, the chimney damper is what seals the fireplace when it is not in use. It’s those in between times when the fireplace is not in use.

Superior Chimney recommends an all-in-one fireplace damper and chimney cap. It is far better than multiple products like a fireplace balloon, fireplace plugs or whatever else is being sold in the market.

We recommend the all-in-one chimney damper as this product is a perfect way to help seal in the heat in the winter, while keeping the cool air inside during the summer. Of course, as all chimney caps, it will keep out animals, bird, inspects as well as all of the weather elements such as our recent snow.

What About Gas Fireplaces…

If you have a woodburing fireplace, gas fireplace or something in between, getting a chimney damper is still necessary to keep the cold draft in fireplace from entering the home. Remember, cold air falls while warm air rises. Same concept for the chimney. So, we need to help control the cold air, warm air exchange. That’s the beauty of the chimney damper.

Chimney dampers are easy to use as there is a cable that reaches down into your fireplace. All you need to do is pull down to close, or release to open. This allows the flow of air to to be controlled.

Save on Heating

Another great benefit is the cost savings. By installing a chimney damper, you’ll save on average 14% on your total home heating costs. When you add up what it costs to heat the home these days, you’ll find that 14% can go a long way. Start saving and keeping warm this winter by calling Superior Chimney at 877-244-6349. We’ll answer your questions and get you scheduled today.

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