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What are the Causes of a Blocked Chimney

blocked chimney
What are the Causes of a Blocked Chimney? by Superior Chimney, Lombard, Illinois

A blocked chimney in Illinois can happen to any household whether they have a fireplace or not. So those of you that say that this doesn’t pertain to me…well, it does. A blocked chimney pertains to everyone who has a chimney in their home, which is just about everyone that has a water heater and a furnace. Why is this important?

What is a Blocked Chimney?

A blocked chimney, also known as an obstructed chimney can be difficult to diagnose on your own. A blocked chimney can be caused by nesting, debris and animals, but many don’t realize that snow can be a contributor to a blocked chimney. As we go into the winter season, and we’ve already had an accumulation of snow, we need to be aware that snow/ice-over is just as critical to clear as the other debris.

The Use of a Chimney

Most furnaces, water heaters and boilers vent through a chimney. The reason for venting through the chimney is to allow for flue gasses and exhaust to escape the home so your family, friends and pets don’t breathe in the gasses. When a blocked chimney occurs, it will not properly function. Things like bird nests, leaves, twigs, debris are the most common ways the chimney can be blocked. But it’s not the only things that can cause a blocked chimney. Pieces of the brick or stone from the chimney along with soot are also contributors to a blocked chimney. It’s important to have your chimney checked regularly to ensure the integrity of your chimney.

It’s best to call a certified chimney technician of Superior Chimney to inspect and sweep the chimney. Contact us at 877-244-6349.

Signs of a Blocked Chimney

It’s always best to have a professional check the chimney, however, here are a few ways to tell if something is going on.

  • Lack of heat
  • Your heat is smelly
  • The hot water is not so hot
  • Your carbon monoxide detector is ringing
  • Lots of condensate surrounding the chimney (can mimic a water leak)

Blocked Chimney Repair

Clearing a blocked chimney is no easy task. It’s best to leave it to the certified technician so nothing gets missed or broken as a result. To prevent a blocked chimney from happening again, please be sure to schedule a yearly sweep and inspection on your chimney so you can ensure byproducts are cleared from your home. Annual inspections will also identify any problems that are developing so they can be fixed before they become dangerous or a larger, costlier, issue.

Installing a chimney cap or replacing a chimney cap that fits snug on the top of your chimney is critical. It will stop debris from coming into the chimney. Give us a call today so we can be sure your winter season is a safe and happy one.

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