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A Holiday Thank You to a Chimney Technician

As the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate, there is a quiet group of individuals that take their job seriously to ensure the utmost care for each home with a fireplace. Yes, it’s the chimney technician. These special people, for some reason, don’t mind the soot and the dust […]

Last Day of Summer – September 22, 2022 – Hello Fireplace!

With the warm temperatures we experienced this week, it’s hard to imagine the cooler chills creeping in this weekend. Over the summer months, we enjoyed the silence of the fireplace, just admiring its stillness and patience…until we meet again. As the Fall temperatures begin to insert itself more and more, there is a glimmer of […]

Chimney Fires: A Real Threat to Your Home

How often do you hear on tv or online about chimney fires in the home? With all of the bad news out there, is there time to cover chimney fires? Let’s bring you up to speed with chimney fires in and around the Chicago area. What are Chimney Fires? According to the CSIA, the Chimney […]

Do I Really Need to Clean the Chimney…Again?

The air conditioner cover is on, the furnace filter has been changed…now what am I forgetting? Ah, that’s right. Get the chimney sweep done. Do I really need to sweep the chimney this year? I use a gas fireplace. I don’t need to get it swept…right? Gas fireplaces are a great convenience as they can […]

You’ve Used Your Fireplace… Are You Taking Care of It?

In the past week, 3 chimney fires were reported in the news.  There were two chimney fires in Park Ridge, one was in a townhouse, and the third chimney fire was in Kenosha, WI.  Just in December,  chimney fires were reported in Lake Zurich as well as in Springfield. As everyone is inundated with information […]

CSIA Chimney Safety Week & Key Elements of a Chimney

September 30th – October 6 is National Chimney Safety Week sponsored by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Superior Chimney is a certified member of CSIA, meaning, technicians are trained on the NFPA’s three levels of chimney inspection. An important fact for homeowners to consider when reviewing their current or researching chimney sweep companies. […]

Why It’s Best to Leave Chimney Cleaning to the Certified Professionals

There’s an overabundance of information out on the Internet that can help you complete any home improvement project. If you have a gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace, it sure can be tempting to buy your own sweeping tools and clean the chimney yourself. There’s definite consequences to the do-it-yourself chimney sweep, and important reasons […]

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