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A Holiday Thank You to a Chimney Technician

As the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate, there is a quiet group of individuals that take their job seriously to ensure the utmost care for each home with a fireplace. Yes, it’s the chimney technician. These special people, for some reason, don’t mind the soot and the dust that naturally accumulates in a fireplace. They gladly come into the home and make the chimney all better. But we can’t forget the masonry workers that spend more time on rooftops than they do the sidewalk fighting the weather elements that batter down on them and the chimney each day. All to make it safe and look good… all at the same time. So, we thank you… our chimney technicians and masonry technicians for doing the dirty work and keeping homes protected and the families safe.

Famous Chimney Technicians

The world’s most famous chimney technician is Bert. No, not Bert and Ernie’s Bert, but Bert in Mary Poppins. Yes, Dick Van Dyke somewhat glamorized chimney sweeps, but he showed the hard work and dirty job that it can be. But he also showed that it’s a special group of individuals that care and stick together for the love for their profession. In Mary Poppins, they celebrated it with a song and dance on rooftops. As Mary Poppins most famous quote says, “Practically Perfect in Every Way”. We all agree with you, Mary Poppins.

I bet most of you forgot about Bill the Lizard. Who? Bill the Lizard was a famous chimney sweep from the wonderful Alice in Wonderland story. Because of Bill’s talents, he is recruited by the White Rabbit and Dodo to go down the chimney, doing the dirty work of the White Rabbit. He didn’t have a huge part, which makes us all ‘curiouser and curiouser!’

A Chimney Sweep is a Good Luck Charm

All over the world, the chimney sweep is considered good luck! In Great Britain for example, a bride would look for a chimney sweep on the wedding day. The tradition continues today with brides keeping the tradition alive by hiring a chimney sweep to attend weddings to ensure good luck in the days and years ahead.

In Germany, a New Year’s Day gift with a chimney sweep symbol signifies good luck for the upcoming year. The chimney sweep symbol or ornament is used (not the chimney sweep themselves) are attached to a gift and given to others as a sign of heath, happiness and good fortune in the year ahead.

In numerous countries throughout Europe, it’s good luck to rub a button on your own clothing when you pass a chimney sweep on the streets. Next time a Superior Chimney truck passes your home, be sure to rub the button on your coat or clothing for good luck!

They Learn So You Don’t Have To

It’s a commitment to want to be full of soot and dust. All Seventeen of our technicians are Nationally Certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). This organization exists so homeowners like you can use/trust reliable, highly trained chimney technicians. As many of our customers have shared all over social media, our chimney technicians are highly skilled, trustworthy and polite. By choosing Superior Chimney, you’ve found your lucky charm. 

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