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A CSIA Professional’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

A CSIA certified chimney sweep is a professional certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (or CSIA). All of Superior Chimney’s technicians and masons, not just some, are CSIA certified. These are highly trained professionals who are unquestionably the most qualified and knowledgeable people for the job. As Spring tries to make its way […]

A Holiday Thank You to a Chimney Technician

As the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate, there is a quiet group of individuals that take their job seriously to ensure the utmost care for each home with a fireplace. Yes, it’s the chimney technician. These special people, for some reason, don’t mind the soot and the dust […]

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

A certified chimney inspection in Illinois is one of the key ‘to-do’s’ for the holidays. The last thing you need are a bunch of complaints because it’s too cold. There’s a cold draft coming from the fireplace. Or the fire is nice and warm, but the kids playing are starting to cough because there’s a […]

How a Fireplace Heat Shield Provides Benefits to Your Home

How a Fireplace Heat Shield Provides Benefits to Your Home

Fireplace heat shields in Illinois can help the home stay warmer than without a fireplace heat shield. But why install a fireplace heat shield in the first place? Many fireplaces over time develop gaps, cracks and deteriorate over time. If you use the fireplace often and have decided that getting the chimney and fireplace cleaned […]

Clean and Check the Chimney. You Never Know What You May Find

Clean and check the chimney is a common spring-cleaning item on many homeowners’ list. Spring cleaning the chimney can take on different meanings. Sometimes it means repairing the chimney like tuckpointing. Other times it may mean checking and getting rid of critters and debris left over from the Fall and Winter seasons. However, sometimes, a […]

Chimney Stories of a Christmas Past

In a meeting last week with our Certified Chimney Technicians, they began to share some of their past experiences as the Christmas holiday approaches. Some were reluctant to tell their story. Who would believe them? Will you? We’ll need to keep their names anonymous. Chimney Technician #1: It was the last chimney service appointment of […]

Thank you for a great 2020 and Happy Times Around the Fireplace

As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to thank all the fans of the fireplace for keeping your chimney and fireplace clean, safe and fun with Superior Chimney. We appreciate your comments and responses to our numerous articles including: Looking for Options to Stay Warm? Is It Getting Hotter in the House with the […]

How to Achieve a Picture Perfect Fireplace for Thanksgiving

Preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday is turning out to be a bit different. Gone this year is the uncle who throws crumbs of food and bits of trash in the fireplace. Or the kids that like to poke the fireplace logs sending sparks in every direction. This year, we get to create our own scene. […]

The Hardships of Being Chimney Tall. It’s Always First.

Our team of chimney technicians continue to be hard at work cleaning and inspecting chimney’s after the winter months. Winter can be hard on all of us, but it’s hardest on the chimney. The chimney is the tallest point on the house, it’s the first to get rained on, the first to break the wind, […]

Growing Green on the Chimney

Yup, we’re talking about weeds and other growing plants and undesirable plants growing directly out of and on the chimney. What are they? And is it a good idea to have decorative plants on the chimney? Here are a couple of questions we’ve received over the past couple of years. With spring coming soon, (especially […]

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