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Chimney Stories of a Christmas Past

In a meeting last week with our Certified Chimney Technicians, they began to share some of their past experiences as the Christmas holiday approaches. Some were reluctant to tell their story. Who would believe them? Will you? We’ll need to keep their names anonymous.

Chimney Technician #1: It was the last chimney service appointment of the day, Christmas Eve. The family was to have a big Christmas dinner with lots of family and friends coming over. They wanted to use the fireplace so everyone could enjoy the warmth and beauty of the fire. However, since the family hadn’t used the fireplace yet, they wanted a chimney sweep & inspection done to ensure no glitches in the day’s festivities. I did what I normally do in servicing a fireplace.

Nearing completion, as I began to put away my equipment, I saw something coming out of the chimney flue. I saw part of a red pant leg and a black boot. I thought I was seeing things until I heard a noise. I ran back to the fireplace and looked up. I saw something quickly shoot up the flue and out the top of the chimney. I know it was Santa, but I didn’t want to say it out loud.

Chimney Technician #2: It was late afternoon on Christmas Eve. The Mom, at this particular stop, had asked the kids to move the presents that were in front of the fireplace to under the Christmas tree. There were about 10 packages of various sizes and the kids moved them all to their new location. This gave me plenty of room to work on getting the musty chimney odor out of the chimney and ultimately the home.

I completed the chimney inspection job and walked over to the homeowner in the kitchen to review my findings. No one was in the family room as the kids went back upstairs to their rooms. When I walked back into the family room with the homeowner, there were four packages in front of the fireplace. Each one had a name, and one of them was mine! We looked at each other, wondering where these came from as the kids had moved all of the presents already. I gave all the packages to the homeowner and she said there was no one else here by this name, mine! She told me to take it.

When I got into my truck, I opened the package. It was something I had wished for, but never told anyone. This is the first time I’m saying it out loud.

Chimney Technician #3: I don’t want to say too much. It just started to snow when I got to this homeowner’s house on Christmas Eve. All I can tell you is that there were footprints where footprints shouldn’t be! I checked my work boots, and it didn’t fit the foot print. My foot was too small and I’m a size 11. Nobody else was around. That’s all I’m going to say.

There you have it. Real stories from some of Superior Chimney’s Technicians. Nobody knows chimneys like these Technicians. From all of us at Superior Chimney, Happy Holidays!

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