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A Smelly House… After Spring Cleaning?

Worried about removing the fireplace smell this year? Once you’ve finished with scrubbing your home from top to bottom, you might have noticed a strange smell still coming from around your fireplace. It can be a strong or subtle odor that seems impossible to get rid of! Maybe you’ve tried to put some baking powder […]

Does Your Living Room Look Like a Pizza Oven?

How would you know if your chimney smoke guard is working properly? A faulty chimney smoke guard is surprisingly obvious. Have you been to a pizza restaurant recently? The best pizza restaurants have wood burning ovens, all with a chimney attached. Sometimes, the inside of the restaurant looks cloudy and smokey, and smells like burning […]

Cicadas in the Chimney – Are They Trying to Get In?

Superior Chimney has been answering many questions about cicadas in the chimney. We thought it would be useful to discuss what you can do now before the billions of cicadas emerge from the ground and the worry about cicadas in the chimney begin. The Arrival of the Cicadas There are over 3,000 species of cicadas […]

A CSIA Professional’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

A CSIA certified chimney sweep is a professional certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (or CSIA). All of Superior Chimney’s technicians and masons, not just some, are CSIA certified. These are highly trained professionals who are unquestionably the most qualified and knowledgeable people for the job. As Spring tries to make its way […]

Beat The New Year’s Freeze

Now that the new year has begun, the freezing cold months loom ahead, and your chimney is in need of a fireplace sweep. Maybe Santa Claus made a mess of soot when he came down the chimney, or there’s a few unnoticed cookie crumbs in the hearth! Humor aside, the daunting days of below 0 […]

Do Customer Reviews Matter for Chimney Sweeps?

Do customer reviews matter when you are evaluating a chimney sweep company? According to a 2021 report by PowerReviews, Yes… over 99% of customers read reviews. It is part of the evaluation process for consumers to want to know what they are buying and who to trust prior to making a decision. But is getting […]

A Holiday Thank You to a Chimney Technician

As the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate, there is a quiet group of individuals that take their job seriously to ensure the utmost care for each home with a fireplace. Yes, it’s the chimney technician. These special people, for some reason, don’t mind the soot and the dust […]

Before You Roast the Thanksgiving Turkey…

Before You Roast the Thanksgiving Turkey…

When it comes to keeping your home safe and sound, regular chimney service inspections are essential. At Superior Chimney, we know chimney maintenance is easy to overlook. Thanksgiving is coming, and people’s schedules are getting busier with the holidays right around the corner. Family get togethers and gifts are at the top of mind! Using […]

What Does 3 Levels of Fireplace Inspection Mean

What Does 3 Levels of Fireplace Inspection Mean

Fireplace inspection? Who wants to think about a fireplace inspection in the summer? Well, without a fireplace inspection, your home is at risk for serious damage regardless if you have a wood burning or gas fireplace. This damage can be as minor as replacing mortar or as big as rebuilding the chimney. An annual inspection […]

Do I Need to Clean a Gas Fireplace?

Is it necessary to clean gas fireplace in Illinois? It’s intuitive that the dark black buildup of combustion needs to be cleaned from a typical wood burning fireplace, but is it needed to clean a gas fireplace? It’s gas…right? Gas fireplaces do not have a visible buildup of combustion, but should be cleaned at least […]

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